Film Cyril Tuschi

Left: "Digital Dissidants". Right: Cyril Tuschi

Cyril Tuschi in Hong Kong

The Artists-in-residence programme “Hong Kong – Berlin 24/7” allows one Hong Kong film professional to live in Berlin for 2 months and on the other hand one filmmaker from Berlin-Brandenburg to stay in Hong Kong, with the aim that they can develop their projects and learn about the film industry in their guest cities. For the 2016 edition we are very pleased to have film director Mr Cyril Tuschi staying in Hong Kong from October to December.
Biography of Cyril Tuschi

Cyril Tuschi was born in 1969 in Frankfurt.  After Philosophy studies in Frankfurt in the late 1980s, he opened a nightclub and worked at a theatre in Stuttgart. In 1992, his first short film, “Frankfurt at the Seaside” was invited to several festivals in Germany.  He then took up the artist name Cyril Tuschi and enrolled at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg.
After some time as Music Video and Commercial director, Tuschi produced his feature debut “Slight Changes in Temperature and Mind” (2004), which won the audience award at the film festival of German film – Ludwigshafen and was theatrically released by Zauberland Distribution.
In 2011 the feature length documentary about the Russian imprisoned billionaire “KHODORKOVSKY” won the main prize at the documentary festival Munich and the French critiques prize at Valenciennes Filmfestival, theatrically released by Farbfilm Distribution. Early 2015 Cyril Tuschi finished “DIGITAL DISSIDENTS”, a feature length documentary about motives of Whistleblower, and 2016 in the summer, “RUSSIAN RESISTANCE”, the sequel to “KHODORKOVKSY”, had its international premiere.  “DIGITAL DISSIDANTS” was screened for the first time in Hong Kong in KEE Club, as well as the Chinese University of Hong Kong on 17th and 28th October respectively.
Tuschi now focuses with his company LALA FILMS on script development and international co-productions of fictional & documentary topics of political and moral urgency and the lust, to roam aesthetically and storytelling-wise, through uncharted territory.
Cyril Tuschi’s project in Hong Kong

Tuschi is now focusing on the virtual reality industry.  He plans to work in Hong Kong on the following feature fiction project:
THE IMMORTALS is a political thriller, where scientists invent a technique to stop cells from dying. After one of 12 human guinea pigs is killed in the beginning, a cat and mouse game begins between several competing groups, who want to control or destroy the possibility to live forever…
Hong Kong plays a big role in the film: after news of the mere existence of the immortals’ science lab in Germany is leaked to the public, a protest riot is spurred in the political sphere. The whole lab has to emigrate secretly to Hong Kong, where the second act of the story is taking place.
For this Tuschi is looking for possible co-producers, actors and locations in Hong Kong, as well as possible partners for VR-research and production, since he planned for THE IMMORTALS to not only be a 90-minute cinematic movie, but also as a narrative VR-experience.