Literature Svealena Kutschke

Svealena Kutschke, born in Lübeck, studied cultural studies and aesthetic practice in Hildesheim and now lives in Berlin.
She is the winner of the Open Mike Competition of the Berliner Literaturwerkstatt in 2008. One year later her debut Something Small Good Seal (Etwas Kleines gut versiegeln) was published in the Wallstein Publishing House (Wallstein Verlag). She has received the Berlin Senate Scholarship and various residency scholarships at home and abroad. In 2013 her second novel Dangerous Types (Gefährliche Arten)was published in the Eichborn Publisching House (Eichborn Verlag). For her work The City of Smoke (Stadt aus Rauch) she was awarded the Berlin Senate Scholarship and the Scholarship of the Schleswig-Holstein Foundation. Due to The City of Smoke (Stadt aus Rauch) she was invited to the 15th and 17th International Author's Conference in Greifswald. The new novel will be published in the autumn of 2017 in the Eichborn Publishing House (Eichborn Verlag).
In 2010, Svealena Kutschke was invited to Nanjing to take up a two-month literature residency in the artists-in-residence programme “Kulturen in Kontakt – Artist in Residence“ of the Goethe-Institut China.
As part of the programme, Svealena Kutschke and Lu Min discussed fringe versus mainstream culture.
They addressed a number of questions: What do contemporary female writers in China and Germany focus on? How have the prevailing values in China and Germany changed? How do representatives of fringe culture live in Germany? How is an individual’s career influenced by society’s values and ideals? How does society view the individual? How do Chinese and German writers reach fringe and mainstream groups, and how do they describe them in literary form?

During the discussion, each author read from her writings and addressed these questions from the perspective of her Chinese or German background respectively.