Photography Kalinka Gieseler

Kalinka Gieseler is a photographer based in Berlin and Leipzig, where in 2013 she took her degree in fine arts at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (Leipzig Academy of Fine Arts). Her works were shown last year at several venues, including the Kunstverein in Frankfurt and Grassi Museum in Leipzig, and she has been awarded several grants, including residencies in Los Angeles and Brussels.

Gieseler is interested in the aesthetics and backdrop of commercial premises as well as the role that pictures play when displayed on commercial premises. Her artistic practice is focused on the exploration and reformulation of commercial pictorial worlds. For this purpose, she works with a continually expanding photographic archive, which serves as the basis for voluminous installations and new mises-en-scène of pictorial material.

During her three-month Goethe-Institut Beijing residency in the summer of 2016, Gieseler lived and worked at I: project space in the heart of Beijing, which served as her base from which to explore the infrastructure of consumption in the capital. She photographed emporiums, shopping malls, furniture shops, luxury boutiques, kerbside stands, and Beijing’s many covered markets, each full of nooks and crannies in which goods of all kinds are sold.

During her stay in China, in addition to these photographic pursuits she developed large-scale collages, which she exhibited in the form of on-site public installation as part of the One Hutong Festival.

The picture library she compiled during her stay in Beijing formed the basis of Power Decor, an exhibition she put on in June 2017 in association with the Goethe Institut and I: project space.