Avatar Tales Avatar Tales

We invite you, the audience, to a unique experience. A game about and in the real and digital world! The word "Avatar" originally described a god or goddess descending into earthly spheres. A performer lands as Avatar, as a remote-controlled equivalent, in the middle of a crossroads in Dashanzi. The audience direct her through the surrounding area and the art district 798. Alternatively, the spectators can etner the real space, track her down in 798 and join the game at one of the stations that have been set up for this purpose. The directors and authors Gesine Danckwart and Cao Kefei have investigated the monumental construction project and the recent changes in and around 798 in an "archeology of the present". They explore questions like: what are the stories behind the buildings' facades? How can they be made visible through a collective game? What is true in times of live streaming and digital mania? Through the eyes of the Avatar, the environment will turn into a parcour shaped by the audience and passers-by. A collective composition between people and the Avatar. Join the game!
Never walk alone, go by avatar!

We create art projects that play with the internet and reality. Cao Kefei and Gesine Danckwart come from the art- and theater world and have realised site-specific project in the public sphere. Can Elbasi, the Technical Director is media designer with a background in film. He has developed the digital concept for the projects and for “Chez Icke”, the digital Bar factory.

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Concept, directing, script: Gesine Danckwart, Cao Kefei
Technical Director: Can Elbasi
Set/design: Xu Weihua
Music/sound: Sun Dasi
Assistant Director/Translator: Dong Jing
Assistant to Director of Production: Zhang Cui
Featuring: Sun Dasi, Yan Yinhong, Li Zenghui, He Xiaoming, Gesine Danckwart, Cao Kefei

Gesine Danckwart

As curator, author and director, she develops theater, film and media art projects. Her plays have been translated into more than 15 different languages and have been produced at various theaters in Germany and abroad and performed as radio plays.

Cao Kefei

Theater director, co-founder of the Ladybird Theater in Beijing. She has translated and staged German-language contemporary drama into Chinese numerous times and has initiated and realized transcultural cooperations with artists from China and Europe.