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You can arrange German course to fit your own personal schedule flexibly and learn wherever you are with the Goethe-Institut’s 9-week DEUTSCH ONLINE group course. However, you will not learn alone, but instead in a small group with around 10 – 16 participants. You will familiarize yourself with the foreign language with everyday situations and will practice German in varied ways.

The DEUTSCH ONLINE course is offered at language level A1 (sublevel A1.1 and A1.2), A2 (sublevel A2.1 and A2.2) and B1 (sublevel B1.1 and B1.2).

With this course model you will achieve the desired learning progress in the shortest possible time.

A tutor supervises you, answers your questions, gives regular feedback and individual learning tips regularly throughout this course.

Together with the other course participants, you will work on a variety of cooperative tasks on the Goethe-Institut learning platform. Written assignments are sent directly to your tutor for correction and feedbacks.

In 9 online face-to-face meetings you will talk to your tutor, exchange ideas with the other participants of your learning group and practice oral skills.

With the help of professional learning materials and modern teaching methods you will improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of German.

A two-month course offers you the opportunity for an intensive German learning.

Upon completion of the language course you will receive a certificate of participation from the Goethe-Institut.

You can register for German Level A1.1 Course without any prior language knowledge.

For other level of German course, if you can provide proof of German Level, you can directly register for the course. Otherwise we will carry out a placement test. 

For further formation on the placement test, please contact us via email
Technical Requirement
Devices Mac, PC or Laptop, Tablet (Android und Windows), iPad
Limitedly: Smartphones
Operating System Windows (also Windows 10), MacOS or Linux
Web Browser All common browsers in the current version (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari, Opera etc.)
Others Speakers/Headphones and Microphones
Internet Stable internet connection with at least 540 Kbit/s
Speed Test Test here to see if your internet connection is sufficient: Speed Test

The institute may cancel the course if the minimum number of 6 participants is not achieved. The maximum number of class is 18 participants.


The required workload for an 9-week course at A1 and A2 level is approximately 50 hours, i.e. approximately 5-6 hours per week.

The required workload for an 9-week course at B1 level is approximately 60 hours, i.e. approximately 6-7 hours per week.

Apart from the 9 virtual face-to-face meetings in the 9-week course, which are offered on fixed dates, the course participants can arrange freely their own schedule of learning process. It is, however, important to manage the learning progress with self-discipline and have a regular study plan in order to complete the tasks successfully, benefit from the discussion in the forum, be able to rework the content and prepare for the virtual meetings actively and appropriately.

Course Structure

The course combines various types of learning methods.

Individual works in the learning programme (virtual textbook); includes content of the respective level, gives automatic feedback.

Asynchronous group tasks on the learning platform of Goethe-Institut; Tasks that cover certain regional topics, the course participants work on the assignments in groups, without the need to online at the same time.

A tutor supervises the tasks of the programme, gives regular feedbacks in addition to the learning programme and can upload additional exercises.

Assignment Submission: Participants should submit a short passage that will be corrected by the tutor. By doing this, participants start to learn how to compose E-Mails or other short texts. The suggested topics will be taught through learning programmes and face-to-face meetings. The texts corrected by the tutor are personal feedbacks on the learning progress with explanations and advice.

Synchronous Zoom face-to-face meetings, during which the content of the different tasks are discussed further in depth. It provides ideal opportunity to make use of the language upon communication with other course participants and the tutor from the first week. There are in total 9 meetings (9-week course), which require simultaneous attendance of the participants. The dates of meetings are determined at the beginning of the course together with the tutor. The “Zero week” is the introduction session to provide all important information about the course and to learn about the learning programme as well as the learning platform. In following meetings, participants will practice oral expression in the form of short dialogues, study important grammar structure and talk about regional topics.

Participants receive a certificate of participation when they have worked on 75% of the content in the learning programme, have taken part in 75% of the virtual live meetings and completed the written tasks on the learning platform.

Further information

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Overview of levels A1–C2

Our German courses are based on the levels defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.