Masked Life

A social photography project by Birdy Chu and Students of Department of Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong

Goethe-Gallery & Black Box Studio

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The exhibition “Masked Life” is a social photography project by artist Birdy Chu and his students of the Department of Media and Communication at the City University of Hong Kong. One year on since the outbreak of COVID-19: Goethe-Institut Hongkong presents this group exhibition to record some special moments of this challenging year for the collective memory.
In the Goethe-Gallery, the exhibition starts with a visual journey on the daily lives of Hong Kong people in the past year through photographs by the students. Common sights in the pandemic become uncommon in these works through the students’ personal perspective. Visitors are invited to watch and listen to first-hand stories of each participating student in a narrative video: what has been going on in their families when life seems to be so fragile, confused and uncertain these days? Is there only sorrow in social distancing or were there also moments of shared joy and smiles during this time of home-staying?
Additional photographs and a video by Birdy Chu are shown in the exhibition to contemplate on the time of our “masked life”. “It’s been a whole long year, every citizen in the world is experiencing a “New Normal” life. As our social environment changes rapidly, unknown fear occupied everyone’s mind. We have gone through queuing up for masks, rice and toilet paper at supermarkets for weeks. Social distancing and quarantine days….. Life becomes fragile, confused and uncertain. Maybe it is time to rethink how we should live and survive.” (Birdy Chu)

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Participating students:
Annie Yim
Anson Wan
Charlene Kwok
Cheung Ho Wai
Choy Shu Man
Crystal Tang
Grace Lai
Joyce Cheung
Justin Chung
Kelly Leung
Lee Shing Hei
Licca Ma
Lo Tin Yee
Mabel Chan
MIAO Wanqi
Vanna Wong



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