Berlinale Shorts - From the Rising of the Sun
KINO 17 in Hong Kong and Macau

Paula © © Pandora Film / Martin Menke Paula © Pandora Film / Martin Menke


Cidade Pequena (Small Town)
Diogo Costa Amarante │ Portugal │ 2016 │ 19 mins
When six-year-old Frederico finds out at school that people die when their hearts stop beating, he is unable to sleep that night. The next day, his mother asks the teacher once again: Must children always be told the truth? Always? Winner of the Golden Bear for Best Short Film.

The Rabbit Hunt

Patrick Bresnan │ USA / Hungary │ 2017 │ 12 mins
On the weekends during the harvest season, seventeen-year-old Chris and his family hunt rabbits in the sugarcane fields of the Florida Everglades.

Martin Pleure (Martin Cries)

Jonathan Vinel │ France │ 2017 │ 16 mins
Martin cries. He is alone. He woke up in the morning and all his friends were gone. Disappeared. Just not there. He sets off to look for them.

Avant l’envol (Before the Flight)

Laurence Bonvin │ Switzerland │ 2016 │ 20 mins

An exploration of the current state of some significant modernist and governmental buildings in Abidjan, the largest and most important city of Ivory Coast. Before the flight is an architectural tour as well as a tribute to the remarkable buildings of the 60s, 70s and 80s.
Oh Brother Octopus
Florian Kunert │ Germany │ 2017 │ 27 mins
The sea nomads of Indonesia believe that with every newborn there is a twin brother in the form of an octopus. Rituals are carried out to appease the brother in the water and prevent misfortunes. When dishonor occurs, Jakarta is portrayed as the apocalyptic revenge of the brother octopus.

Screening Schedules

Hong Kong:
25.10.2017, 7:50 PM
UA Cine Moko

20.10.2017, 7:30 PM