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Robot Photo: Ingmar Zahorsky, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, via flickr

The future of writing
When Robots Establish a Writer’s Association

Humankind is finally embarking on a magical story of digital creation, but will it ruin literature? Or will the master-slave relationship between humans and machines ultimately be reversed in a single stroke?

Fit für Deutschland Paul Hui © Goethe-Institut Hongkong

German Courses
Learn German – Discover Germany’s Culture

From April 2018 we will be offering a new course in which you can learn German while delving deep into Germany’s culture: A 4-week preparation course for traveling, studying and working in Germany - “Fit for Germany” for beginners. The next "Fit for Germany" course begins on 28th April

24H Deutsch © Goethe-Institut

24H Deutsch
Learn German with Ida

The YouTube channel 24h Deutsch takes the audience to a journey in Germany on a typical day. Each hour of the day is represented by an episode, in which you are accompanied by the young German teacher Ida. Apart from an authentic insight into the young Germany, each episode also brings you a German learning topic: from curious grammar to learning strategies, and from tongue twisters to conjunctives II.