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Crossing a red light: Traffic offenders in China are named and shamed. Photo (detail): © picture alliance/dpa-Zentralbild/Klaus Grabowski

Algorithmic Governance
Total surveillance

Algorithms that reward or penalise the citizens of a country on the basis of collated data – in places like China and India, “algorithmic governance” has long been a reality. But even in Germany, computer software already takes decisions that have consequences for many people’s lives.

When we surf the web with our mobile phone, other people want to see what we’re reading. But you can protect yourself. © Goethe-Institut/Julia Klement

Self test
How do you conduct yourself when it comes to your data?

How do you conduct yourself on the net when it comes to your data? More on the cautious side? Or rather insouciant? Or balanced and pragmatic? Here is a self-test in six questions.

teaser ©Chiu Kit Lam ©Hongkong Goethe Institut

A Hong Konger in Germany

Chui Kit LAM, a.k.a Stegermatt, is one of the few Hong Kongers who moved from Hong Kong to Germany, to start their new life there. In 10 interviews, we will ask him questions regarding different aspects of life in Germany.