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Jugend ohne Gott © Constantin Film

German Film Forum - The Day After Tomorrow

Under the theme "The Day After Tomorrow", the new series of German Film Forum presents five different dystopian worlds - how could we imagine the future? How can we remain free and human in our actions and thoughts in the face of these challenges?

Deutsch für dich Foto: Shutterstock.com, Rawpixel.com

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Deutsch für dich

In the “Deutsch für dich” community you will find plenty of exercises to help you learn German free of charge, and you can share experiences with other members.

An action of Fossil Free Culture in a concert hall Photo (detail): © Laura Ponchel


Over the past 20 years, the fossil fuel industry  has been responsible for three-fourths of human-caused carbon emissions on the planet. Part of the cultural sector also draws its funding from fossil fuels. The Fossil Free Culture initiative wants to tackle this.