14 days challenges © Goethe-Institut Hongkong

14-day online challenges with Goethe-Institut!

The coronavirus crisis has presented an unprecedented challenge to the whole world. You can help by reducing unnecessary social contacts. And those who are required to stay home for a 14 day quarantine, Goethe-Institut challenges you to try out one digital tool (be it a learning app or an e-book from Onleihe) a day for a total of 14 days. We will of course take this challenge with you in the next 14 days. Each day we will give away a surprise present to one of the people who leave us a comment. 
Among the participants who have taken part in ten or more "Challenges" (proven by their comments), we raffle off a summer intensive course worth HKD3,000.
Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Thank you very much for your comments! The competition is over, but you can continue to learn German with the digital offers! We are pleased that you have accompanied Mr. Faul Tier through to the end by taking part in the challenges.

We have drawn a winner for the grand prize. Congratulations!

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Sloth on couch ©Colourbox

Day 1

Home quarantine for 14 days! Sounds just like the perfect staycation (Stay-at-home-vacation) to me. I am gonna Netflix whole day long! 

14-Day Online Challenge - 2. Tag © Colourbox

Day 2

Quote from Shakespeare: "If music be the food of love, play on!" 

14-Day Challenge - Day 3 © Colourbox

Day 3

If you can't go to the cinema, then let the cinema comes to you!

14 Day Online Challenge Day 4 © Colourbox

Day 4

I want to go where most people are... Join the crowd at an online community platform! 

Day 5 © ColourBox

Day 5

Learning German with someone nice is much more effective...

Day 6 © Goethe-Institut Hongkong

Day 6

You are my motivation, I will take the examination...

Challenge Day 7 © Colourbox

Day 7

I am indeed slow... but that has never stopped me from taking the first step! 

Challenge Day 8 © Colourbox

Day 8

Working in Germany? A choice for me?

Challenge Day 9 © Colourbox

Day 9

When I read, everything is under control.

Challenge Day 10 © Colourbox

Day 10

I can't sit around anymore... I need excitement! 

Challenge Day 11 © Colourbox

Day 11

One day, I will become a professor of making tasty gummy bears...

Challenge Day 12 © Colourbox

Day 12

Do you have any super human power? I do...

Challenge Day 13 © Colourbox

Day 13

Travel across Germany... as a travelling musician? 

Challenge Day 14 © Colourbox

Day 14

This is not the end... The end is the just the beginning of something new!