Children Book March 2021: THEN I’LL GO NOW, TIME SAID

© Goethe-Institut Hongkong

It’s Sunday and Time has come for a visit. Lara and the Time are good friends. But Lara’s family seems to have something against it. They talk about passing Time or even killing it. Time decides to leave. But nobody can help Lara as no one seems to have time for the Time. Will she trace its path and find it again?

written by Bettina Obrecht and illustrated by Julie Völk

A friend who has been working in the children book publishing industry once told me her feeling towards German children books. She said that in comparison with other countries, German children books tend to be more philosophical.
It is true that Germany is a country with a rich philosophy background. One can easily notice such philosophical touch in not only German literature, but also German films, theater, dance and visual arts. But would it make German children literature unapproachable? Not necessarily! On the contrary, it makes German children literature even more appealing not only to children, but to adult readers as well. What’s better than a mutually enjoyable Parent-child reading time?
Bettina Obrecht and Julie Völk’s new work “THEN I’LL GO NOW, TIME SAID” offers a good example with a poetic and thought-provoking encounter between the Time and a little girl. 

Now you could find the original German version as well as the Chinese translated version at our library.