Cartoons. Comics. Illustrations July 2021: Möwen. Müll. Und Meerjungfrauen

Möwen. Müll. Und Meerjungfrauen

The sea as a habitat is exposed to numerous dangers, be it plastic waste or rising temperatures, trawl nets or cruise ships.

In Möwen. Müll. Und Meerjungfrauen (literally means „Seagulls. Garbage. And Mermaids"), illustrators, comic artists and cartoonists from all over the world show how rich in treasures the sea is, what is beautiful, funny and special about it, and how alarmingly badly we treat this habitat. An artistic appeal to protect the sea as a habitat.

With contributions from top-class artists such as Flix, Ulf K., Til Mette and Ralph Ruthe.
The book is available at the Library of Goethe-Institut Hongkong.