Graphic Novel Kafka


Kafka is classic. Kafka is a recurrent theme. Kafka is a cultural icon. Kafka is an adjective. But after all the labelling, Kafka is a person. Kafka is someone who has written many thought-provoking works that never seems to be obsolete.
With Hong Kong comic artist Li Chi Tak’s latest retake of Kafka’s 10 stories into his new comic book named KAFKA, the Goethe-Library has picked David Zane Mairowitz & Robert Crumb’s previous Graphic Novel on Kafka as the highlight of the month. While Li Chi Tak’s new book stays true to the Kafkaesque style, it didn’t bring much insight into Kafka’s life. For those who would like to get a better picture of Kafka as a person and as an author, or to get a glimpse of his famous stories such as “The Metamorphosis”, “The Trail” and “The Castle”, David and Robert’s Graphic Novel offers a great choice.
Also named “KAFKA”, David and Robert’s Graphic Novel is a brief but inclusive biography of Franz Kafka and it includes a summary of many of Kafka’s works, all illustrated by Robert Crumb. It helps readers understand the essence of Kafka and provide insight beyond the cliché “Kafkaesque”.
The book is available at the Library of Goethe-Institut Hongkong.