August 2020: What comes after Friday?

Fridays for future Dresden (Ralf Lotys)
Fridays for future Dresden (Ralf Lotys)

"Mondays for Future", doesn't the name of Claudia Kemfert's new book sound familiar? If you think in the direction of "Fridays for Future", then you are right. The "Fridays for Future" movement initiated by the Swedish student Greta Thunberg has inspired so many students all over the world that more and more students in Germany and other countries are taking to the streets and demonstrating for a better, greener and more sustainable future.
But why is the book not called "Fridays for Future" but "Mondays for Future"? Prof. Claudia Kemfert, Germany's best-known energy economist, explained in the foreword of her book, "It's Monday. On Friday there were demonstrations, on Saturday the strength of the movement was celebrated, on Sunday beautiful speeches were made. Now the next week begins…It is the book that will be opened on Monday morning when everyone starts work again. It is to serve the people who want to roll up their sleeves and get the work started. Because there is so much to do. We have to make decisions, set priorities, continue what has been tried and tested, but also to experiment. For this we need foundations, knowledge, facts, insights and a lot of strength".
In her book Prof. Claudia Kemfert answers 120 questions about climate change and what needs to be done. Questions that we always wanted to ask. Questions such as "How do we start?", "Who is actually responsible for implementation?", "Can individual consumer stop climate change?” According to Professor Claudia Kemfert, we don't have the privilege to waste another 15 years. However, if you are still at a loss about where to start with, Prof. Kemfert’s book is definitely a good point to start.
About the author:
Prof. Claudia Kemfert is a scientist in energy and climate economics. She heads the Department of Energy, Transportation, Environment at the German Institute for Economic Research in Berlin and is the Professor of Energy Economics and Sustainability at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.
„MONDAYS FOR FUTURE – Freitag demonstrieren, am Wochenende diskutieren und ab Montag anpacken und umsetzen“
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