September 2020: Time for Magazines!

Sept 2020: Zeitschrift
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What do you like to read? Novel, thriller, biography, self-help, or others? Our librarian would love to read them all and practice German at the same time. But she doesn't have the time for that. 

There is nothing more annoying than having to start a book over and over again because you have long forgotten what you read the last time. After two months the victim has already been killed eight times and the inspector still hasn't arrived. 

Should you suffer from the same problem, reading a magazine might be a solution. Magazine articles may be short, but they offer just as much information and entertainment. Within a few minutes, the yearning for somthing to read is satisfied. Our librarian especially likes reading the regular columns, because they are short and just perfect for learning German. Here are her recommendations.

For children or German beginners:


GEOmini: Rätseln and Kinder
It could not be any simpler. In the column "R'tseln" you read five short questions and solve the puzzles. German beginners can also understand the short sentences, learn new words and have fun! 
In "Children" you will find a portrait of a child from another country. The text is short and you learn something interesting.  

For German learners at level A2 or above:

Deutsch Perfekt Debatte Deutsch Perfekt: Debatte, Mein erstes Jahr, Atlas der Alltagssprache

In "Debatte" you read the pro- and counter-arguments of a proposition. Thereby you learn how to express yourself to a topic in a clear and detailed way, to explain a point of view and to state the advantages and disadvantages of different possibilities. 

In "Mein erstes Jahr" a German learner tells the story of his or her first year in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

German is spoken in many countries, but there are many regional differences. You can read more about this in the column "Atlas der Alltagssprache".

For German learners at advaned level:

Brigitte Brigitte: Porträts: Eine Frau | Ein Mann
In every issue of Brigitte there are interviews of a woman and a man, often they are journalists, actors or actresses, fashion designers or politicians. Even a Hong Konger has been interviewed before.