Comic April 2021: Manno! Alles genau so in echt passiert

April 2021: Manno!
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Do you remember your first eye test? The excitement when you got your first prescription glasses? Or can you still remember the silly but immensely fun childhood games you had with your friends? How about the fights you had with your siblings?

Each of us has personal and unique childhood memories that always evoke laughter when recounted at family gatherings or class reunions.  Anke Kuhl's comic "Manno! Everything happened just like that in real life" is a graphic record of growing up in a small town in Hesse in the 1970s. The hilarious and sometimes sad comic episodes resonate with readers of all ages and from all countries.

The book exhibition "Comics! For young and old" can be seen at the library of the Goethe-Institut Hongkong until 30 April. Besides "Manno! Alles genau so in echt passiert" you will also find other new and award-winning comics from Germany.