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After reading up on nearly all New Year’s forecasts by famous Fengshui masters in Hong Kong, the Goethe-Library team has compiled an ultimate Chinese horoscope 2021 guide for everyone. Read the right books, do the right things, and “pursue good fortune and avoid disaster”!

RAT © Colourbox


People born in the years of Rat will have a very good year in 2021. You will make big progress both in career and interpersonal relationship. You will do especially splendid in terms of learning (maybe a new language?!) because there is a relevant auspicious star guiding you.

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OX © Colourbox


2021 will be the „Year of Fate“ for people born in the years of Ox, meaning more emotional ups and downs throughout the year. Moreover, there are quite a few inauspicious stars around, making our Oxen oversensitive. It is advisable to develop some hobbies to calm yourselves down.

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Tiger © Colourbox


Thanks to numerous auspicious stars, people born in the years of Tigers will enjoy a smooth year with opportunities to travel abroad (Who knows, maybe all the travel restrictions will be lifted after CNY)!

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Starting from last year we have a new magazine subscription. GEO SAISON is a beautifully designed monthly travel magazine. Take a look and pick your next travel destination! Other travel magazines that are available on Onleihe include MERIAN.


Rabbit © Colourbox


People born in the years of Rabbit will have a rather mediocre year. You have to do pretty much everything by yourselves, without much help from friends or family members. However, refurbishing your house can help to boost your fortune a little bit.

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Tania Kadokura, who has family roots in Japan and Germany, published a book on the simplicity of the German living style. Now translated into Chinese, the book might give you some tips on reorganizing or improving your home. Available for lending as soon as the Goethe-Library reopens!


Dragon © Colourbox


People born in the years of the Dragon clash with the yearly Emperor (Tai Sui) this year, meaning a rather bumpy year. To avoid quarrels with anymore over trivial matters, you must act cautious and prudent. Looking at the bright side, you will meet a female guardian angel this year!

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Auntie Merkel is stepping down from her powerful position. Why not take some time and read her biography now? Maybe your upcoming female guardian angel will share some traits as Merkel. Works about her are available both in our library and on Onleihe.

Angela Merkel Die Protestantin

Snake © Colourbox


Congratulations! People who are born in the years of the Snake will have a wonderful and powerful year ahead. But remember not to let success overwhelm you. Stay humble and keep troubles at bay.

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Since you will be quite invincible this year, why not play the classic German Board Game CATAN with your friends? Beat them all by building roads, houses and even your own ultimate settlements! Available for lending as soon as the Goethe-Library reopens!


Horse © Colourbox


People born in the years of the Horse enter a conflicting relationship with yearly Emperor (Tai Sui) this year. Luckily there are a few auspicious stars to counteract the effect, thus overall it will be a steady year. However, you should pay better attention to your diet!

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If you want to keep a healthy diet, there’s no better way than to cook for yourself! Busy is no excuse if you borrow the book SCHNELLE KÜCHE from our digital library, the Onleihe. All you need is just 30 minutes to prepare a healthy and delicious meal.


GOAT © Colourbox


People born in the years of Goat are “facing” and “torturing” the yearly Emperor (Tai Sui) this year, meaning a rather rocky year ahead. Your bad temper would scare your friends and good luck away. Therefore, remember to control your temper.

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Sometimes you may feel grumpy for no real reason. It’s simply not your day. We recommend the movie “Nicht mein Tag” (English name: Not My Day) in this case! The movie is available on the Onleihe with English subtitles.


Monkey © Colourbox


With quite a lot of auspicious stars around, people born in the years of Monkey will be the lucky star of the year. You will make good progress in terms of career and investment.

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Profit brings happiness, but sometimes you don’t have to be rich to be happy. At Onleihe you could view the German comedy 100 Dinge, with which you will be confronted with a new perception of wealth and satisfaction.


Rooster © Colourbox


After a rather gloomy year of 2020, people born in the years of Rooster will enjoy a bright new beginning. However, you might meet a troublesome boss or teacher. Be patient!

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Our experienced and super nice teachers teach you simple German in the short video series DEUTSCH GENAU. You certainly don’t need patience to go through the videos!


DOG © Colourbox


It will be a bittersweet year for people born in the years of Dog. Why don’t you take it slowly and just let things be?

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Adjusting one’s mindset is vital in preventing a burnout. At Onleihe you can find Jörg Fengler’s Das kleine Buch gegen Burnout (The small book against Burnout), with which you can learn more about the issue.


PIG © Colourbox


Thanks to the “Horse star”, people born in the years of Pig will have a versatile and fruitful year. Chances to work oversea abound!

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In case the „Horse star“ takes you to a German-speaking work environment, then the online platform “Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz” is perfect for you! You can learn and practice business German there.