Film Inbetween Worlds

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Fri, 15.06.2018

Hong Kong Film Archive Cinema

50 Lei King Road,
Sai Wan Ho (Exit A, Sai Wan Ho MTR station)
Hong Kong

German Film Forum - Dangerous Times

Director : Feo Aladag, Germany, 2014, 98 mins

2014 Berlin International Film Festival – Golden Berlin Bear

A German Armed Forces soldier signs up for another mission in the war-torn country of Afghanistan. He and his squad are assigned the task of guarding a small village outpost from increasing Taliban influence. Tarik, a young Afghani interpreter, is put at their service. Together they try to win the trust of the village community and the allied Afghani militia. The difference between the two worlds, however, is immense. Jesper comes into conflict with both his conscience and the orders he receives. Tarik and his sister, Nala, are being menaced by the Taliban. When these siblings' situation becomes life-threatening, Jesper is forced to make a momentous decision: should he help the two of them and disobey orders, or will this perhaps trigger a catastrophe?