Film Tour de Force

Hin und weg © Majestic Filmproduktion, Viafilm, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)

Fri, 20.09.2019

Hong Kong Film Archive Cinema

50 Lei King Road,
Sai Wan Ho (Exit A, Sai Wan Ho MTR station)
Hong Kong

German Film Forum - At the Crossroads

Director: Christian Zübert, Germany, 2014, 95 mins

2015 Jupiter Award – Best German Actor

Belgium, of all places! What's Belgium got besides chocolates and fries? No matter, this year it was Hannes' and Kiki's turn to choose the destination of their annual bike tour with their closest friends. It's only after the tour has begun that Hannes tells his friends that he's suffering from an incurable disease. The trip is to be his last. At first, the group is shocked and helpless, but after they hit the road again, they embark on a wild and one-of-a-kind adventure. Through Hannes, they realize how precious life is.