Zoom Tour and Talk Behind the Scene of Gay Museum in Berlin

Sat, 28.11.2020


Backstage Tour with Birgit Bosold and Carina Klugbauer

Birgit Bosold and Carina Klugbauer, curators of the exhibition “Queer as German Folk”, invite the audience to a backstage tour through their home institution, the Schwules Museum in Berlin (“Gay Museum”). The curators will be present via Zoom livestream from Germany, and introduce the audience in short video clips the archive and collection of Schwules Museum, their exhibition space in Berlin, and insights into their upcoming exhibition “Intimacy” which will open in December. The curators explain the history and mission of the Schwules Museum, and talk about their program lines and projects. Moreover, they will focus on selected chapters and topics of the exhibition “Queer as German Folk”, and discuss individual questions with the audience.

A special feature of this event is the collaboration with the Goethe-Institut in Shanghai where this exhibition is currently also shown. During this virtual curator tour both institutes in Shanghai and Hong Kong will be linked and experience together the visit and talk with the guests from Berlin. The audiences in Hong Kong and Shanghai can discuss together with the curators their questions and observations about the LGBTQ* community in Asia.

Free of charge on Zoom, online registration required via Google Form. The Zoom link will be sent to participants one day before the event. (Deadline for registration has passed. The Zoom link was sent to all participants on November 27)

The Curators of “Queer as German Folk”

Dr. Birgit Bosold

   Dr. Birgit Bosold has been a board member at Schwules Museum Berlin since 2006. She is responsible for the museum’s finances and played a central role in its strategic realignment. After a successful career in private banking and a PhD in literature, she has been involved in major exhibition projects of Schwules Museum as a project manager and co-curator, besides working as a writer and lecturer.

Read more: https://www.schwulesmuseum.de/directors/?lang=en

Carina Klugbauer

   Carina Klugbauer is a research associate at Schwules Museum Berlin. In 2017, during her traineeship, she co-curated the travelling exhibition “Unverschämt” and in 2018 she was the curator of the queer art exhibition “Lesbisches Sehen”, with Birgit Bosold, for Schwules Museum’s yearlong program “Jahr der Frauen”. Carina coordinates the museum’s educational activities.