Exhibition Unreasonable Behaviour

   © Siu Wai Hang

Thu, 08.04.2021 -
Sat, 08.05.2021


Photo and Media Art Exhibition by Siu Wai Hang

Siu Wai Hang primarily engages with photography. His work makes use of different methods and photographic principles to express Siu’s solicitude for the society and his contemplation on the medium. Local history threads Siu’s practice and is the vessel through which he uncovers the values of Hong Kong. He is interested in depicting landscape and object for they connect people with collective memories. The subject matters are coupled with his take on the nature and strength of photography, highlighting the encounter between traditional photography and contemporary digital work.

“Since the year before the city has entered a state of absurdity. Major transitions crept into individual experiences and the larger systems as preposterous doings pervaded the city. As suggested by photojournalist Don Mccullin’s eponymous autobiography, the atrocity of war goes beyond the plight and misery of the moment to inflict hearts with eternal disquietness.”

In face of all that happened, Siu Wai Hang, despite his fluency in responding to the society through images he captures, caught himself helpless with his camera in hand. Later, he rallied and reclaimed his photographs by violating them with scratches, holes and other means to confront the society in the peculiar manner of his fellow beings, echoing the absurdity in this difficult time.
  • Unreasonable Behaviour1 © Siu Wai Hang
  • Unreasonable Behaviour2 © Siu Wai Hang
  • Unreasonable Behaviour3 © Siu Wai Hang
  • Unreasonable Behaviour4 © Siu Wai Hang
  • Unreasonable Behaviour5 © Siu Wai Hang
  • Unreasonable Behaviour6 © Siu Wai Hang
  • Unreasonable Behaviour7 © Siu Wai Hang

Artist Sharing Session
Speaker: Siu Wai Hang
Moderator: Paul Yeung Tak-Ming

9.4.2021 (Fri), 6:00 pm
Live on Goethe-Institut Hongkong Facebook

   © Siu Wai Hang Siu Wai Hang

Siu was the recipient of the Hong Kong Human Rights Art Prize (2018) and the WYNG Masters Award (2014 and 2016). He was also named ifva Emerging Talent in 2016. His works were exhibited in New York, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China. Siu currently lives and works in Hong Kong, and holds teaching positions at various universities and art institutions.

Paul Yeung Tak-Ming

Paul Yeung Tak-ming is a freelance photographer, an educator and a curator. He graduated from MA in Image and Communication (Photography) at Goldsmiths College, London. Yeung embarked on his profession as a photojournalist and photo editor after graduated in CUHK and received numerous photography awards in the past 20 years. He is teaching photojournalism and Photography part-time at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.