Exhibition Roman Klonek: Imaginary Friends

Klonek_friendly_radar_2017 Klonek_friendly_radar_2017

Thu, 11.05.2017 -
Sat, 17.06.2017

Goethe-Gallery & Black Box Studio

14/F Hong Kong Arts Centre
No.2 Harbour Road


New Woodcuts of Düsseldorf artists

In the background a kind of volcano. In the foreground a strange and lonely eskimo drifts "back to sapporo" on an ice floe. In "friendly radar" a kind of dog with superonicears runs through an area full of living beings, and in "above the city" a dragon, a boxing horse, glibbermonster and dumbo meet Medusa and Miss Suzie Wong over a high-rise landscape. Known applies to unknown. We believe we have seen it all before. We know these beings from fantastic novels and adventurous picture stories, from our dreams and our fears. But still, these images are new to us, new, mysterious and refreshing.

Now Roman Klonek and his creatures are visiting Hong Kong. The artist born in Katowice in Poland has a spot for old fashioned cartoons and modern block printing styles. In the 1990s he studied Graphic Arts in Düsseldorf and discovered a passion for woodcut. Since 15 years now, the artist who works together with friends in a studio in Düsseldorf is doing posters with a wide range of whimsical creatures, mostly half animal/ half human, preferential in awkward situations. It is a bizarre balancing act between propaganda, folklore and pop.
  • Roman Klonek Galerie © Roman Klonek
  • Roman Klonek Galerie 2 © Roman Klonek
  • Roman Klonek Galerie 3 © Roman Klonek
  • Roman Klonek Galerie 4 © Roman Klonek
  • Roman Klonek Workshop © Roman Klonek
  • Roman Klonek Workshop 1 © Roman Klonek
  • Roman Klonek Workshop 2 © Roman Klonek

For his exhibition show "Imaginary Friends" - a cooperation of Goethe-Institut Hongkong and School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong - Roman Klonek will present a selection of his newest woodcuts. The exhibition will be co-organised by students of the SCM, led by Dr. Harald Kraemer.

Students of SCM: CHEN Mingming Fiona, CHEN Yi Marjorie, LI Yue April, LI Qi Jill, PARK Jiyun Jade, SONG Feihong Symon, WEN Shiya Tiffany, YANG Lei Vanessa.

More about Roman Klonek and his works: http://klonek.de/