Film The 90 Minute War

 THE 90 MINUTE WAR ©Norma Films

Sat, 11.11.2017

Asia Society Hong Kong Center

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Former Explosives Magazine
9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

German film at Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival 2017

In the framework Jewish Film Festival 2017, Goethe-Institut Hongkong presents the mockumentary film The 90 Minute War directed by Eyal Halfon.

Director: Eyal Halfon |Germany / Israel | 2015 | Mockumentary | Hebrew/Arabic/English/Portuguese | English subtitles  | 83 mins

In this sharp-edged political mockumentary, a century of intractable conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is going to be settled once and for all... on the soccer field.

The region’s leaders, in a desperate attempt to end the stalemate, have agreed that one 90-minute match will determine the fate of the two peoples: The winner gets to stay, and the loser leaves forever.

Organizing the high-stakes match is not without its own complications: Where will the match be held? Who will be the referees? Can Israeli-Arabs play on Israel’s team?

The 90 Minute War is a dark satire that scores some serious points.