Workshop | 24.02.2018 Workshop on Cyanotype by Edgar Leciejewski

A Circle Full of Ecstasy © Edgar Leciejewski

Sat, 24.02.2018

L7-19 & Rooftop, JCCAC, Shek Kip Mei

In collaboration with Hong Kong International Photo Festival

In addition to the photo exhibition Gestures of Truthfulness - a conjunction of Edgar Leciejewski and Eugene Zhang at the Goethe-Gallery, Edgar Leciejewski will give a workshop, in collaboration with the Hong Kong International Photo Festival, on the topic of cyanotype at the JCCAC. The workshop includes a seminar as well as hands-on demonstration by Leciejewski and is open to all who have an interest in knowing more about cyanotypes. Registration is required before February 9, 2018.

During the workshop, Edgar Leciejewski will give an introduction to cyanotype with examples of artworks using this photographic printing process including his own work A Circle Full of Ecstasy exhibited at the Goethe-Gallery. Hands-on demonstration will then take place on the rooftop of the JCCAC, where participants could try out photo developing under the instruction of Leciejewski. Materials will be provided.

Edgar Leciejewski © Edgar Leciejewski Edgar Leciejewski (b. 1977 in Berlin) lives and works in Leipzig and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He studied with Peter Piller, Christopher Muller and Timm Rautert at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. His work has been presented in several institutional solo exhibitions, such as in Berlin, Cologne and Munich as well as in London, New York and Toronto and many other places. Leciejewski has received several grants by both German and international institutions. His work belongs to private collections and to museums in Germany, Europe, USA and Canada. Leciejewski explores the various social and scientific uses of photography. His work employs an experimental, analytic approach to the medium of photography by using various techniques and media. Besides content-related issues and the reflection of his own work, he is interested in issues such as the rhetoric of the photographic series, the photographic genre, the composition, and how as much time as possible can fit in a single photographic image. His pictures are repositories of time that allow for the slowing down of the act of seeing.