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Mon, 22.10.2018 -
Mon, 29.10.2018

Different locations in Hong Kong

Live at the Goethe-Fest and in Hongkong Schools

The German nationally renowned rap combo “Bambägga” is coming to Hong Kong for the first time! Between 22 and 29 October, at the invitation of Goethe-Institut Hongkong, the trio will appear in three school performances and hit the stage at the Goethe-Fest. In their luggage are their fifth studio album “Brotlose Kunst”.

The band, which stems from the Bavarian city of Bamberg, was founded in 2005. It consist of Jonas MC, Cony MC and DJ Startklar. The name “Bambägga“ is an indication of where they come from but can also mean “at the bakery”. The band is renowned for its live performance: the music makes you want to hit the floor and dance right after the first beat. Aside from funky beats, the social-conscious lyrics will fuel the night with topics for discussion. Bambägga’s music is for hip hop heads who do not take their favorite music genre too seriously. They like to make fun of everything and everyone: be it hip hop, rappers, students or themselves. In terms of musical styles or corporate tonal identity, the trio holds no boundaries: they may sound like Fanta 4 in one song, the Beastie Boys in the next, then Deichkind in another.
Since the band commutes between Bamberg and Berlin, they have no fixed rehearsal room. But to make music all they need are mics and two 1210 turntables. In Bamberg they get a lot of inspiration. Everyone knows them there, especially since Valentine’s Day this year when they did a live gig at a local butcher shop performing their latest hit “Heart of Presssack” while distributing Presssack (a kind of German meat jelly) to the crowd. They were also part of Radio Bamberg’s school action, in which schools compete to become the coolest school in the region. The School of Ebern was the winner and Bambägga gave a live concert in the school yard in front of 656 pupils and teachers.
Throughout the last 13 years, the three rappers have performed hundreds of live concert in Germany. In 2011 and 2012 they went on tour in Russia at the invitation of Goethe-Institut Moscow and motivated young Russian students to learn German. During their music tour In Hong Kong, they will visit three local schools, hold workshop and perform live in front of 2500 young students. With their hip hop beats and humorous raps, the trio is ready to sweep young German learners and Hong Kong audience off their feet.
2005 Der Bägga hat gerufen! (self released)
2008 Zwieback (self released)
2010 Alarmstufe Brot (self released)
2012 Laib & Seele (Pyromusic)
2017 Brotlose Kunst (Pyromusic)

Concerts in Hong Kong:
23. October    St. Margaret’s Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School
25. October    ESF King George V School
26. October    Sacred Heart Canossian College 
27. October    Open-Air Concert at Goethe-Fest, Open Space, Hong Kong Arts Centre

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