Film In the Fade

In the Fade © Gordon Timpen / bombero international_WarnerBros.Ent.

Fri, 19.04.2019

Hong Kong Film Archive Cinema

50 Lei King Road,
Sai Wan Ho (Exit A, Sai Wan Ho MTR station)
Hong Kong

German Film Forum - At the Crossroads

Director: Fatih Akin, Germany/France, colour, 106 min., 2017

2017 Cannes Film Festival (Best Actress)
2018 German Film Awards (Best Screenplay)

Katja's life in Hamburg is completely derailed when her husband Nuri and their son Rocco are killed in a terrorist bombing. She hits rock bottom, starts taking drugs and contemplates suicide. Eventually, the police identify and arrest the perpetrators: André und Edda, a neo-Nazi couple. It was André's own father, who led the police on the right track. Yet Katja's hope that the murderers receive their sentence in court is shattered. Following a harrowing trial, in which Nuri's best friend Danilo serves as Katja's lawyer, Edda und André are acquitted for want of evidence. Katja is devastated, but soon her desperation gives way to an urge for vigilante justice.