Film Lomo – The Language of Many Others

LOMO - The Language of Many Others © Flare Film GmbH

Fri, 16.08.2019

Hong Kong Film Archive Cinema

50 Lei King Road,
Sai Wan Ho (Exit A, Sai Wan Ho MTR station)
Hong Kong

German Film Forum - At the Crossroads

Director: Julia Langhof, Germany, 2017, 101 mins

Munich Film Festival 2018 (Young German Cinema Award in Screenwriting)

About to finish high school, Karl is already disillusioned and couldn’t differ more from his ambitious sister and his liberal, formerly successful parents. He spends most of his free time on the internet with his blog “Lomo – The Language of Many Others,” where he collects photographs and videos, compiling them into series. When he falls in love with Doro, things seem to finally make sense to him. Doro initially responds to her opinionated and rebellious classmate – but not for long. Karl is convinced: Everything is random! And he starts playing a dangerous game. Uploading a sensitive video of Doro and himself online, Karl lets his followers decide on his actions and, eventually, on matters of life and death.