Film Lotte at the Bauhaus

Lotte am Bauhaus © MDRUFA Fiction, Stanislav Honzik

Thu, 23.05.2019

Black Box Studio, Goethe-Institut Hongkong

Hong Kong Arts Centre
2 Harbour Road
Wan Chai

Television film Germany 2019

Director: Gregor Schnitzler, Germany, 105 mins.
German with English subtitles

Weimar 1921: The life of 20-year-old Lotte Brendel seems to be predetermined. Her father sees her as a future wife and mother at the side of a man who is to take over her parents' carpentry business. But against the will of her family, the unconventional and artistically gifted Lotte joins a group of young artists, applies to the Bauhaus and is accepted.

The Weimar Bauhaus under the direction of the visionary Walter Gropius aims to combine art and craftsmanship to create the contemporary living environment for the "New Human". In the student Paul Seligmann Lotte finds a supporter and her great love. She is given the opportunity to complete her studies as a woman with equal rights, guided by world-famous artists. But the break with her family, which refuses her any financial support and does not accept her desire for self-realization for a long time, burdens Lotte.

Lotte and Paul try to live on equal terms. The relationship between the two artists is repeatedly put to a severe test by their environment. When the Bauhaus came under increasing political pressure from right-wing conservative and nationalist forces, and even at school voices were raised that saw the "German character" in art threatened, Walter Gropius decided to move with the Bauhaus to Dessau. Paul and Lotte, who now have a daughter, follow the art school to the unknown city. Here the new life situation as well as the struggle for professional recognition cause fierce conflicts.

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