Call for Participation: Student Exchange Programme Student Exchange Programme "Connected Worlds"

Schüleraustausch: Vernetzte Welten 2016 ⓒ Goethe-Institut Korea/Ozak ⓒ Goethe-Institut Korea/Ozak

Tue, 09.07.2019 -
Wed, 28.08.2019

Digital Workshop for students from Germany and East Asia

Do you like the Internet? Would you like to exchange ideas with German and East Asian youth in German and work on a project together? Would you like to travel to Korea or Tokyo? Then "Connected Worlds" is just the thing for you!

What is Student Exchange Programme “Connected Worlds”?
This is an international youth exchange with an integrated digital workshop in German language on the topic "What does the student exchange of the future look like?" In 2016 and 2017, the first workshops of this kind were successfully held in Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo with a total of more than 100 students from Germany and the countries of East Asia. Some of the resulting digital projects have been professionally further developed and are available on the "Connected Worlds" platform. This year, we will again invite students from East Asian countries to two parallel workshops in Korea and Tokyo.

The programme “Student Exchange: Connected Worlds” is a joint project of the Goethe-Instituts in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the Mongolia and Taiwan, the Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland and “mediale pfade” (Association of Media Education). The Goethe-Institut has always encouraged student exchange between Germany and East Asian countries; while the Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland and “mediale pfade” play an active role in supporting the development and education of German programmers.

The locations for this year’s Student Exchange Programme are Korea and Tokyo. Students from each participating country will be sent to these three cities. In each city, the students will work together to answer the question “What would student exchange of the future be like?” and develop their answers by digital means. They will cross borders in the digital realm to work with participants in other cities. An interest in the internet and openness to new ideas are expected from all participants; previous knowledge in programming is not required.

Who will participate in the Student Exchange Programme?
The participants are around 45 German learners from all East Asian countries and 10 youths from Germany aged between 16 and 18, 20 voluntary German and East Asian mentors, 8 mother-tongue teachers, staff from the Goethe-Instituts as well as two team leaders from the Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland and “mediale pfade”.
When and where is the Exchange Programme taking place?
The workshops will take place from 18.10. to 20.10.2019 in Korea and Tokyo simulataneously. Each participant may travel to one location only. Arrival is on 17.10.2019, return is on 21.10.2019.
Goethe-Institut Hongkong will cover the full costs of participation in the workshop, including travel expenses.

What are the prerequisites for participation in the Programme?
- Age: 16 to 18 Years Old at time of the Programme (October 2019)
- Affinity to the internet and technology (previous knowledge in programming is not required)
- German knowledge at A2 Level
- Short motivation letter in German (5-10 Sentences: Who are you? Why would you like to participate in this programme?)
- Documents: Application form, Passport copy, Letter of excuse signed by the school (copy)