Exhibition To the end for the beginning, the heaviness of my heart

Fri, 07.02.2020 -
Sat, 21.03.2020

Goethe-Gallery & Black Box Studio

14/F Hong Kong Arts Centre
No.2 Harbour Road

Media Arts Exhibition by Carla Chan, 24th ifva Awards Media Art Category Winner

Extended: The exhibition runs until 21 March 2020 (Sat) in the Goethe-Gallery and Black Box Studio.

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9:30am - 7:00pm (Mon - Fri)
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In collaboration with ifva

Carla Chan was born in Hong Kong and is currently residing in Berlin. Her work Between Happening won the Silver Award of the 24th ifva Awards Media Art Category. By using black and white colour, magnet and iron powder, she built a time-based kinetic installation. Each movement reveals different landscapes. It’s like a record of how human profoundly affects the environment. Living in Berlin now, she still feels connected to the place where she grew up. A tremendous change is undergoing.

She received news from all over the place, and felt a lot after learning the current situation in Hong Kong. When she was back, she experienced more chaos and helplessness that couldn't be described in words.

In this exhibition, Carla decides to use her works to raise a question: what will human be rewarded under repeated destructions and reconstructions?

The installations are Carla’s emotion in response to the present. Black and white are used as the main colour tones. Four installations can function independently, yet they are somehow connected. They form a recurring cycle in which we can view the installations from different perspectives. Similarly, in the real world, each can interpret the same thing differently about whether it is a truth or a lie.
The kinetic installation of the four pieces of work shows different result. Each component or scratch on the surface is a record of history. Mechanical, iron powder and magnet construct the city landscape and its silhouette. It is destroyed and reconstructed, over and over again. Each change is irreversible.

Carla Chan

carla chan © Carla Chan Carla Chan obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. She works with a variety of media including video, installation, photography and interactive media. Much like the never-ending development of new technology, Chan considers media art as a medium with infinite possibilities for artistic expressions. Minimal in style and form, Chan’s works often toys with the blurred boundaries between reality and illusion, figure and abstraction.
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