Interactive Performance I’M NOT SURE ABOUT YOU, BUT I NEED…

   © Ghost and John

Fri, 16.10.2020

Goethe-Gallery & Black Box Studio

14/F Hong Kong Arts Centre
No.2 Harbour Road

Interactive Performance by Ghost and John multidisciplinary art duo

“I’M NOT SURE ABOUT YOU, BUT I NEED ...” premiered in London last July and then later presented during ImPulsTanz, Vienna International Dance Festival 2019, where the duo performs "dancing as gallery" as a rebellious response to "dancing in gallery”. They are opening up a direct conversation with our audience through digital interactive technology. 

The work interrogates the nature of our digital society as the performer is surrounded by the spectators and their gadgets, at the same time, contemplated on the power tug-of-war of the performance space and the contemporary society.

The space constantly transforms when the performers lead the audience to interact with their phones and rove around the space. The mobilisation forms the landscape and confuses the boundaries between exhibition and theatre, daily life and performance, digital and physical. Oranges are peeled, rice is eaten. Projection emerges on the bodies as the work evolves into an uproar to the world’s instabilities.

Both performances are fully booked. There are no tickets left at the Door.

Ghost and John

   © Ghost and John Ghost and John are a Hongkongese multidisciplinary art duo based in London, working across dance, theatre and visual arts. From Computer Science and Biology backgrounds, they investigate how art is being received by society and is the tool for resistance, utilising digital interactive technology to influence theatre politics. They are a danceWEB scholarship recipient and a young choreographer in ATLAS at ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival 2019 respectively. They have recently completed MA Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School. They are now artist members of Chisenhale Dance Space and artists in residence at Live Art Development Agency. In recent years, the situation in Hong Kong has risen to international attention and became their main drive to make works that reflect on their perspective and archive this time of instability that we are all in. They focus on an experimental artistic practice that emphasises collaboration between artforms and audience experience. Through both the making and presenting of their works, they are constantly studying the post-colonial trauma of my city, questioning the cultural identity of being a Hongkongese and challenging new forms of arts.