Film Screenings Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2020

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2020 ©Microwave

Fri, 06.11.2020 -
Sat, 07.11.2020

Black Box Studio

14/F Hong Kong Arts Centre
No.2 Harbour Road

Special Screening Program

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival returns this year with a hybrid format combining physical exhibition, Film screenings with online conference and workshops.

Three special screenings will take place at the Black Box Studio, as a satellite programme to the Festival.

Democracy © Democracy Programme (1) - Democracy
Date: 06. November (Fri)
Time: 19:00
Director: David Bernet, Germany/ France/Belgium/ Italy, 2015, 100 Mins

For two years DEMOCRACY followed severl key figures behing the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, a controversial issue among European policymakers. The film starts in 2014 with the European Parliament approving the new regulation, and then leaps two years back to the start of the negotiations. After two and a half years of following the legislative process, the documentary brings complex power structures to life and offers a snapshot of democracy today.

Programme (2) - A Selection of Harun Farocki's Works
Date: 07. November (Sat)
Time: 14:00
Harun Farocki_Convicts ©Harun Farocki_Convicts - I thought I was seeing Convicts, 23 mins, 2000
Images from the maximum-security prison in Corcoran, California. The surveillance camera shows a pie-shaped segment: a concrete-paved yard where the prisoners, dressed in shorts and mostly shirtless, are allowed to spend a half an hour a day. A convict attacks another, upon which those uninvolved lay themselves flat on the ground, their arms over their heads. They know what comes now: the guard will call out a warning and the fire rubber bullets. If the convicts do not stop fighting now, the guard will shoot for real. The pictures are silent, the trail of gun smoke drifts across the picture. The camera and the gun are right next to each other. The field of vision and the gun viewfinder fall together...

Harun Farocki_Silver ©Harun Farocki_Silver - The Silver and the Cross, 17 mins, 2010
The work examines the painting Depiction of the Cerro Rico and the Imperial City of Potosí (Oil on canvas, 262 x 181 cm) by Gaspar Miguel des Berrío, 1758, in the Museo Colonial Charcas de la Universidad San Francisco Xavier, Sucre / Bolivia.

Harun Farocki_Information © Harun Farocki_Information - In-Formation, 16 mins, 2005
The diagrams used to help represent consumer shopping baskets, the pensions deficit or migration are anachronistic, they hark back to nineteenth century political allegories. Whether pictographs or simple bar or pie charts, their abstractions all display an impotence that is touching. We took examples of diagrams gleaned from newspapers, school text books and official publications and used them to reconstruct the history of migration in the Federal Republic of Germany. What we are seeking, therefore, is a conceptual critique of the ways in which migration is presented, pursuing the icons and symbols back to their origins and examining them with regard to content they themselves are unaware of.

Strange ©Strange Programme (3) - Strange Culture
Date: 07. November (Sat)
Time: 15:30
Director: Lynn Hershman-Leeson, 75 mins, 2009

In this moving and wildly innovative film, director Lynn Hershman Leeson tells the terrifying story of how one man's personal tragedy turns into persecution by a paranoid and overzealous government. Art professor Steve Kurtz's nightmare began on May 11, 2004, when he awoke to find his wife Hope dead of a heart attack. Paramedics responding to his 911 call, suspicious of petri dishes and scientific paraphenalia in his house (materials for an art project on genetically modified food) contacted the FBI, and soon his world was turned upside down. Only hours after his wife s tragic death he was suddenly a murder suspect, an accused bioterrorist, and a pariah to all but his closest friends.