Film Adam & Evelyn

Adam & Evelyn © Fiction / Pluto Film

Sat, 22.05.2021


Level 2, Elements, 1 Austin Road West,

Tsim Sha Tsui

German Film Forum - Love is in the Air

Director: Andreas Goldstein, colour, 100 min., 2018

Summer 1989 in the GDR, the demise of which can be sensed and even heard on West German radio: When tailor Adam gets a bit too close to a female client, his girlfriend Evelyn decides to go on holiday in Hungary by herself; Adam follows her. Once they arrive at Lake Balaton they learn that the border between Hungary and Austria is open. Evelyn, who expects a lot more from life than the failing GDR and her stagnating relationship can offer, scents the opportunity to start anew. Adam, who actually quite likes his comfortable and quiet life, is forced to question those very aspects that make it comfortable. Based on a novel by Ingo Schulze, the film tells a love story in times of political upheaval.