Film Cleo – If I Could Turn Back Time

Cleo © DETAiLFILM _ Janine Marold

Sat, 18.09.2021

7:55 PM


German Film Forum - Love is in the Air

Due to popular demand, there will be an additional screening of the film CLEO on 18 September (Saturday) at 3:30pm in PREMIERE ELEMENTS. Tickets are now available at Broadway Circuit

Director: Erik Schmitt, colour, 99 min., 2019

Cleo and Berlin. It's a love story that began when Cleo was little. Then the bright girl discovered that the streets, houses, parks and squares of the city all invite you to search for hidden treasures. And so Cleo set off with her father to do just that. But one day Cleo's father dies - and Cleo is left alone in Berlin. In the meantime, Cleo is a young woman who has sworn to chase no more dreams. But then Paul enters her life. Paul is a dreamer. And he possesses a treasure map that refers to an old treasure of the legendary Sass brothers. Paul asks Cleo to help him find the treasure. Cleo agrees. Because maybe the treasure can help her turn back time…
What Amélie was to Paris, so Cleo is for Berlin: A big city fairytale told with a lot of heart. Romantic, playful and beautiful.