Keynote Game Kitchen: Games for and by Working Heros in Hong Kong

Game Kitchen 2. Sitzung Game Kitchen 2. Sitzung

Thu, 03.02.2022


#Gtopia: Game Kitchen

  • Working Hero of Martial Arts 1 © Wong Yue Fai
  • Working Hero of Martial Arts 2 © Wong Yue Fai
  • Working Hero of Martial Arts 3 © Wong Yue Fai
  • Working Hero of Martial Arts 4 © Wong Yue Fai
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If working to make a living is the reality, then practicing martial arts is the ideal. The mobile game "Working Hero of Martial Arts” combines reality and dream, telling the story of a post-80s man who inadvertently gets a martial arts sutra and starts a double life.

It is not easy to survive in the city, but still we try to maintain our dream - this is the story of "Working Hero of Martial Arts” as well as the story of Hong Kong independent game industry. How to keep on producing games in face of high rent and living cost is a common challenge for every Hong Kong game maker. Mr. Wong Yue Fai, the programmer of  "Working Hero of Martial Arts”, and his company has also produced the internal training game "Throne Legend" for the accounting firm Deloitte, which is another game path they have explored.

In this week of Game Kitchen, we invited Mr. Wong Yue Fai to share the journey of making games for and as working heros in Hong Kong.


Yang Jing © Yang Jing Yang Jing, Programme Curator
Yang Jing is a writer, curator and designer in the intersection of game and art.  She has curated various contemporary art exhibitions featuring game art, art game and non-art games both online and offline. Recently she made an art destruction game with artist Alan Kwan and dslcollection titled Forgetter. Forgetter has won and nominated for various game awards in Hong Kong, Berlin, Shanghai and Beijing.

Eunice Tsang © Eunice Tsang Eunice Tsang, Co-organiser
Eunice Tsang (she/her) is a curator, artist, researcher and journalist based in Hong Kong. She founded and curates Current Plans (previously known as Present Projects), an experimental art space that encourages cross-disciplinary dialogues through exhibition-making.

Biography of the hosts are available here.


Wong Yue Fai © Wong Yue Fai Wong Yue Fai
Founder of Horizon Technology And Solution Limited