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German Photobook Prize 19/20©Goethe-Institut Hongkong

German Photo Book Prize 19|20

Over 100 longlist, shortlist and award-winning photo books of the German Photo Book Prize 2019-2020 have been displayed in the Goethe Gallery since 26.06.2020. The exhibition was well attended and the response was great. However, due to the current situation in connection with the Covid 19 pandemic, the gallery is temporarily closed. In order to continue to show the beautiful photo books to the public, we have now converted the exhibition to online. For each title we have added links to the photographers or publishers where you can look inside the book or find more information about it. 
We wish you a pleasant reading! 

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About the Photo Book Prize

DFBP19 © Deutscher Fotobuchpreis
Founded in 1975, the German Photo Book Prize is a competition in which the jury awards the best photo books in German-speaking countries. The award honors special achievement by authors, photographers and publishers in the photo book sector. In addition to publishers, the competition is also open to photographers and photo designers.

The award ceremony takes place at the end of the year within the framework of the Stuttgart Book Week. After the ceremony all the prize winning books as well as the short-listed and long-listed photo books will be exhibited in different cities in Germany and other parts of the world. In collaboration with the Stuttgart Media University, the Goethe-Institut Hongkong is glad to present the longlisted, the shortlisted and the award-winning photo books of 2019-2020’s German Photo Book Prize. Visitors will find highly professional publications not only in German, but in English as well.
DFBP DFBP German Photo Book Prize

The Jury

The jury of the Photo Book Prize 19|20 consisted of the following experts:
•    Jürgen Meister (Managing Director, BFF Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Designers, Stuttgart)
•    Dr. Nicole Fritz (Director, Tübingen Art Gallery)
•    Dr. Petra Kiedaisch (Managing Director, Publisher for Architecture and Design/av edition, Stuttgart)
•    Hans-Michael Koetzle (Author and Journalist, Munich)
•    Dr. Nobert Moos (Director, Forum for Photography, Cologne)
•    Karima Klasen (Artist, Stuttgart)

Jury Team ©Deutscher Fotobuchpreis


Periphery - Archaeology of Light ©Deutscher Fotobuchpreis

Conceptual Artistic Photo-Picture Collection

Periphery - Archaeology of Light
Photographer: Erieta Attali
Text: Alessio Assonitis, Erieta Attali, Jean Attali et.al.
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
ISBN 978-3-7757-4450-8
Laudation - Periphery - Archaeology of Light

Mallorca l MAR i MUNTANYA ©Deutscher Fotobuchpreis

Coffee Table Books

Mallorca | MAR i MUNTANYA
Photographer: Antonia und Alexander Feig;
Text: Antonia und Alexander Feig;
Design: Sandra Kubitza
Publisher: Büro Wilhelm Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-943242-90-4
Laudation - Mallorca

Manche Fehler muss man selber machen ©Deutscher Fotobuchpreis

Fototechnik und Fotogeschichte

Manche Fehler muss man selber machen
Photographer: Patrick Ludolph
Text: Patrick Ludolph
Design: Brandmarke
Publisher: dpunkt.verlag
ISBN: 978-3-86490-612-1
Laudation - manche fehler muss man selber machen

Gelbe Seele ©Deutscher Fotobuchpreis

Student Project

Gelbe Seele
Photographer: Lisa Schneider
Text: Lisa Schneider
Design: Lisa Schneider
Laudation - Gelbe Seele

Developments ©Deutscher Fotobuchpreis

Student Project (Special Prize)

Photographer: Tino Zimmermann
Text: Tino Zimmermann
Design: Tino Zimmermann
Laudation - Developments

Live with Love.Promise ©Deutscher Fotobuchpreis

Studentisches Projekt (Sonderpreis)

Live with Love. Promise
Photographer: Jasmin Breidenbach
Text: Jasmin Breidenbach
Design: Jasmin Breidenbach
Laudation - Live with Love.Promise

La Drive-By ©Deutscher Fotobuchpreis


LA Drive-By
Photographer: Michael Lange
Text: Andreas Kilb
Design: SYB Sybren Kuiper
ISBN: 978-3-200-05505-6
Laudation - La Drive By


  • Shortlist - Coffee Table Books-Photo Technique
  • Shortlist - Photographer Monography
  • Shortlist - Self-Publishing
  • Shortlist - Student Project
  • Shortlist-Konzeptionell-künstlerische Fotobildbände 1
  • Shortlist - Conceptional artistic Photo-Picture Collection 2
  • Shortlist - Conceptional artistic Photo-Picture Collection 3

Shortlist Titles

Title: Backstage
Photo: Just Loomis
Text: Just Loomis
Design: Nicole Segel
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
ISBN: 9783775744058

Title: Cornwall
Photo: Joakim Eskildsen
Text: Martina Wimmer
Design: Anna Boucsein
Publisher: mareverlag GmbH&Co. oHG
ISBN: 9783866482968
Link: https://www.thestoryinstitute.com/cornwall

Title: Und Gott schuf den Krieg
Photo: Noël Quidu
Text: Cyril Drouhet
Design: Lois Lammerhuber
Publisher: Edition Lammerhuber
ISBN: 9783903101678
Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg01DBajcBA

Title: Wildes Land
Photo & Text: Peter & Beverly Pickford
Design: Blackwell & Ruth Ltd
Publisher: Prestel Verlag
ISBN: 9783791384207
Link: https://pickfordwildlifephotography.com/

Title: Deutschlandsafari
Picture and Text: Markus Botzek
Design: fotoforum-Publisher
Publisher: fotoforum-Publisher
ISBN: 9783945565094

Title: Dr. Paul Wolff & Tritschler - Licht and Schatten - Fotografien 1920 bis 1950
Picture: Alfred Tritschler, Paul Wolff
Design: Alessandro Argentato, Hamburg
Publisher: Kehrer Publisher
ISBN: 9783868288803
Links: https://vimeo.com/346169591

Title: Analoge Fotografie - Das Handbuch
Picture and Text: Bellamy, ARS Imago, Vetro Editions
Publisher: seltmann+söhne
ISBN: 9783946688501
Links: https://www.fotointern.ch/archiv/2017/12/23/buchtipp-andrew-bellamy-analogue-photography/

Title: Architekturfotografie
Picture & Text: Adrian Schulz
Design: Adrian Schulz
Publisher: dpunkt.Publisher GmbH
ISBN: 9783864906688
Link: https://www.dpunkt.de/buecher/4900/architekturfotografie.html

Title: Alfred Ehrhardt - Fotografien
Picture: Alfred Ehrhardt
Text: Christiane Stahl, Stefanie Odenthal
Design: Bastian Ruppik
ISBN: 9783000610516
Link: http://www.photography-in.berlin/alfred-ehrhardt-foandation-alfred-ehrhardt-photographs/

Title: The boss don't care - Kinderarbeit in den USA 1908-1917
Picture: Lewis W. Hine
Text: Wilfried Kaute
Design: Ralf Reiche
Publisher: Emons Publisher
ISBN: 9783740804657

Title: Steve McCurry - A Life in Pictures - Ein Leben für die Fotografie
Picture: Steve McCurry
Text: Bonnie McCurry
Design: Yolanda Cuomo (New York), Bonnie Briant, Bobbie Richardson
Publisher: con dem Knesebeck GmbH & Co Publisher KG
ISBN: 9783957280985
Links: https://www.theguardian.com/media/gallery/2018/oct/26/photojournalist-steve-mccurry-a-life-in-pictures

Title: Berlin Mai 1945 - Valery Faminsky
Picture: Valery Faminsky
Text: Prof. Dr. Peter Steinbach, Arthur Bondar
Design: Ana Druga, Thomas Gust
Publisher: Buchkunst Berlin
ISBN: 9783981980585
Link: http://www.photography-in.berlin/Pictureband-berlin-valery-faminsky-berlin-v-1945/

Title: Michael Wolf - Hong Kong Lost Laandry
Picture and Text: Michael Wolf
Design: Ana Druga, Thomas Gust, Hannes Wanderer
ISBN: 9783981980530
Link: https://www.juxtapoz.com/news/photography/michael-wolf-photographed-hong-kong-s-lost-laandry/

Title: RongRong's Diary - Beijing East Village
Picture and Text: RongRong
Design: Paloma Tarrio Alves / Steidl Design
Publisher: Steidl, Göttingen
ISBN: 9783958295926

Title: Die Ostdeutschen - Fotografien a.d. Nachlasse 1964-1990
Picture: Roger Melis
Text: Mathias Bertram
Design: Mathias Bertram
Publisher: Lehmstedt Publisher
ISBN: 9783957970831
Link: http://www.photography-in.berlin/stiftung-reinbeckhallen-roger-melis-the-east-germans-die-ostdeutschen/

Title: Silja Yvette - Collective Creatures
Picture: Silja Yvette
Text: Charlotte Lindenberg
Design: Harald Pridgar, Silja Yvette
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
ISBN: 9783775745536

Title: Blossom
Picture: Anna Halm Schudel
Text: Franziska Kunze and Nadine Olonetzky
Design: Hi - Megi Zumstein, Claudio Barandun
Publisher: Scheidegger & Spiess
ISBN: 9783858818386
Link: https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/-blossom-_swiss-artist-creates-a-floral-symphony/45014214

Title: Jan Groover, Photographer - Laboratory of Forms
Picture: Jan Groover
Design: Studio Marie Lusa
ISBN: 9783858818386
Link: http://www.elysee.ch/en/exhibitions-and-events/expositions/jan-groover-laboratory-of-forms/

Title: Beyond Architecture.
Picture: Michael Kenna
Text: Yvonne Meyer-Lohr
Design: Yvonne Meyer-Lohr
Publisher: Prestel Publisher
ISBN: 9783791385822
Link: https://photobookjournal.com/2019/10/25/michael-kenna-beyond-architecture/
Picture and Text: Regina Anzenberger
Design: Regina Anzenberger
Link: https://josefchladek.com/book/regina_anzenberger_-_goosewalk

Title: ICEBERG - A Compilation of Frozen Water
Picture and Text: Dominik Gigler
Design: Dominik Gigler
Link: https://iceberg.photo/

Title: Pieces of Berlin 2014 - 2018
Picture: Florian Reischauer
Design: Stefan Bauernberger
ISBN: 9783000610172
Links: https://www.piecesofberlin.com/

Title: interrobang
Picture and Text: Rudi Weissbeck
Design: Rudi Weissbeck

Title: ein Mann, der Insel and eine Fliege im Raum
Picture: janKB
Text: Sabine Schnakenberg
Design: Jan Klose-Brüdern (janKB)

Title: The Hinterland
Picture: Malte Sänger
Text: Hannah Katalin Grimmer
Design: Malte Sänger

Title: Untitled No. 1
Picture and Text: Sascha Duenow
Design: Sascha Duenow
ISBN: 9780464313342
Link: https://www.amazon.com/DUENOW-Untitled-No-1-Sascha-Duenow/dp/0464313341
Title: für uns für sich
Picture: Jakob Werner
Text: Thea Sparmeier, Jakob Werner
Design: Jakob Werner

Title: Gabriele
Picture and Text: Ilka Pappenscheller
Link: https://blurringthelines.org/ilka-pappenscheller/

Title: We Are the Real You
Picture and Text: Joshua H Phelps

Title: 3804 Tage
Picture: Patrick Junker
Text: Patrick Junker / Dominik Stawski
Design: Patrick Junker

Title: das bleibt unter uns
Picture and Text: Jana Kießer
Design: Jennifer Meyer & Jana Kießer

Title: Es ist wie es ist
Picture: Daniel Chatard, Nanna Heitmann
Text: Daniel Chatard
Title: Republik im Ruhestand
Picture and Text: Paulina Hildesheim
Link: https://paulinahildesheim.de/categories/republik-im-ruhestand

Title: Die eine oder andere Freiheit
Picture and Text: Caroline Riedel-Gitter
Design: Caroline Riedel-Gitter
Link: https://fhp.incom.org/project/9373

Picture: Katharina Meyer
Text: Katharina Meyer, Staffan Widstrand
Design: Katharina Meyer, Johannes Strohbach

Title: MAMA - Magazin der Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg
Design: Desiree Brauner, Seunghee Oh, Melissa Treutlein, Ji Hyun Youn
ISSN: 2629-4397

Title: Through the looking glass
Picture: Dominique Hille & Arina Essipowitsch
Text: Katja Dannowski
Design: Dominique Hille & Arina Essipowitsch

Title: Before It's in Fashion, It's En Vogue - 10 Skalpellzeichnungen von Wiebke Schwarzhans
Picture: Wiebke Schwarzhans
Text: Hanne Loreck
Design: Wigger Bierma
Publisher: Materialverlag HFBK Hamburg
ISBN: 9783944954455
Title: Klapp-Stullen
Picture: Max Faber
Text: Kristin Ahrens, Max Faber, René Lentignac
Design: Majada Daria Ramadan & Timo Schmitt
Publisher: Westkreuz-Publisher GbmH
ISBN: 9783944836461
Link: https://www.faz.net/aktuell/fotografie/max-faber-klappstullen-16110957.html

Title: Auschwitz - Fall of the Modern Age
Picture: Tomasz Lewandowski
Text: Riccardo Bavaj, Matthias Noell
Design: Tomasz Lewandowski
Publisher: Mitteldeutscher Publisher
ISBN: 978396311310
Links: https://www.tomaszlewandowski.de/auschwitz-fall-of-the-modern-age-published/

Title: WAA Wackersdorf - Vor and hinter dem Zaun - Eine Fotodokumentation von Gerhard Götz
Picture: Gerhard Götz
Text: Anne Madlene Schleicher
Design: Büro Wilhelm Designagentur
Publisher: Büro Wilhelm Publisher
ISBN: 9783943242942
Link: https://www.waa-wackersdorf.de/waa-wackersdorf/

Title: Fotos für die Pressefreiheit 2019 - Reporter ohne Grenzen
Publisher: taz Publishers- and Vertriebs-GmbH
ISBN: 9783937683829
Link: https://www.zeit.de/2019-04/fotos-fuer-die-pressefreiheit-reporter-ohne-grenzen-2019-fs-4

Title: MALAWI - menschen u. mauern / people and walls
Picture and Text: Kris Heide
Design: Kris Heide and Claudia Maas
Publisher: Ernst Wasmuth Publisher, Tübingen-Berlin
ISBN: 9783803034021

Title: No Show
Picture: Oliver Mark
Publisher: Distanz Publisher
ISBN: 9783954762811
Title: Tracking Gandhi
Picture: Anja Bohnhof
Text: Anja Bohnhof, Rainer Hörig, Tuschar A. Gandhi
Design: Ina von Rumohr
Publisher: edition inventio
ISBN: 9783000626753
Link: https://www.dw.com/en/tracking-gandhi-a-photographic-journey/a-50663476

Title: Aenne Biermann - 60 Fotos
Picture: Aenne Biermann
Text: Hans-Michael Koetzle
Design: Lucia Ott
Publisher: Klinkhardt & Biermann Publisher
ISBN: 9783943616590
Links: https://www.moma.org/interactives/objectphoto/artists/556.html
Title: Bauhaus Dessau - Architektur
Picture: Thomas Meyer
Text: Florian Strob
Design: Sophie Friederich
Publisher: Hirmer Publisher
ISBN: 9783777431994
Link: https://www.bauhaus-dessau.de/en/events/photographer-tour-bauhaus-dessau-architecture.html

Title: Fotografie in der Weimarer Republik
Picture: u.a. Alfred Eisenstaedt, Hugo Erfurth, Hans Finsler
Design: Reschke, Steffens & Kruse, Berlin/Köln
Publisher: Hirmer Publisher
ISBN: 9783777434070
Link: https://www.hirmerPublisher.de/de/Title-1-1/fotografie_in_der_weimarer_republik-1960/

Title: Natural Forms
Picture: Marta Pohlmann-Kryszkiewicz
Text: Italo Testa
Publisher: Vexer Publisher, St. Gallen/Berlin
ISBN: 9783907112144
Link: https://copenhagenphotofestival.com/marta-pohlmann-kryszkiewicz/

Title: Die Erinnerungen der Anderen
Picture: Yvonne Most
Text: Felix Hoffmann
Design: Hannah Feldmeier
Publisher: Kehrer Publisher
ISBN: 9783868289169

Title: The Eye of the Cyclops
Picture and Text: Ann Massal
Design: João Linneu
Publisher: Kehrer Publisher
ISBN: 97833868289244

Title: Mikhailovna Called
Picture: Beat Schweizer
Publisher: Kehrer Publisher
ISBN: 9783868289008

Title: bath in brilliant green
Picture: Nina Röder
Text: Sarah Frost, Nicolas Oxen
Design: Jan Ziegner
Publisher: Kehrer Publisher
ISBN: 9783868288902
Link: https://ninaroeder.de/bath-in-brilliant-green

Title: Migration As Avant-Garde
Picture: Michael Danner
Text: Hannah Arendt
Design: Anja Kaiser
Publisher: PublisherKettler
ISBN: 9783862067183
Link: http://dannerprojects.com/seiten/migration_as_avantgarde.php

Title: The Mies Project - Architectural Portraits
Picture: Arina Dähnick
Text:  Dirk Lohan, Michelangelo Sabatino
Design: Peter Nils Dorén
Publisher: edition cantz
ISBN: 9783947563302
Link: https://www.tugendhat.eu/en/news/arina-dahnick--the-mies-project-577.html

Title: Everything is always so perfect when you are in it
Picture: Anja Conrad
Text: Josepha Conrad, Daile Kaplan
Design: Kehrer Design (Hannah Feldmeier)
Publisher: Kehrer Publisher
ISBN: 9783868288759
Link: https://rosphoto.org/events/anja-conrad-everything-is-always-perfect-when-you-are-in-it-eng/

Title: Rwandan Daughters - Photographs by Olaf Heine
Picture: Olaf Heine
Text: Matthias Harder, Olaf Heine, Antje Stahl
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
ISBN: 9783775745475
Link: https://www.hatjecantz.de/rwandan-daughters-7481-1.html

Title: Julian Charrière - Second Suns
Picture: Julian Charrière
Design: Bijan Dawallu
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
ISBN: 9783775744775

Title: Tim Mitchell. Product
Picture: Tim Mitchell
Publisher: Kerber Publisher
ISBN: 9783735606020

Title: Florian Schwarz. A handful of dust
Picture: Florian Schwarz
Text: Boris von Brauchitsch, Martin Dominik, Arnold Stadler
Design: Hans Gremmen, Amsterdam
Publisher: Kerber Publisher
ISBN: 9783735605917

Title: John Peter Askew. We: Photographs from Russia 1996 - 2017
Picture: John Peter Askew
Design: Joanna Deans
Publisher: Kerber Publisher
ISBN: 9783735605436
Link: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2019/jun/18/john-peter-askew-perm-we-photographs-from-russia

Title: Frank Graudlitz. RUSSIAN TIMES 1988 - 2018
Picture: Frank Graudlitz
Text: Svetlana Alexijewitsch, Igor Kroitzsch, Carmen Schliebe
Design: Sarah Thußbas, Berlin
Publisher: Kerber Publisher
ISBN: 9783735605627

Title: Doomed Paradise - Die letzten Penan im Regenw. v. Borneo
Picture: Tomas Wüthrich
Text: Ian B.G. Mackenzie and Lukas Straumann
Design: Atlas Studio
Publisher: Scheidegger & Spiess, Zürich
ISBN: 9783858816429
Link: https://photobookjournal.com/2020/06/19/tomas-wuthrich-doomed-paradise/

Picture: Annet van der Voort
Text: Volker Jakob / Annet van der Voort
Design: Annet van der Voort / Michael Ragosch
Publisher: DISTANZ Publisher
ISBN: 9783954762767
Link: https://www.marinemuseum.de/sonderausstellungen/annet-van-der-voort-fotoausstellung-the-wall/

Title: Bodies of Work
Picture: Katharina Gruzei
Text: Katharina Gruzei, Sarah Sander, Ruth Horak, Brigitte Reutner
Design: Christian Konrad
Publisher: Fotohof edition
ISBN: 9783902993649
Link: https://www.artsy.net/show/charim-galerie-katharina-gruzei-bodies-of-work

Title: intercepted
Picture: Nadja Bournonville
Text: Irène Berglern, Else Marie Hagen
Design: Joachim Bartsch
Publisher: Fotohof edition
ISBN: 9783902993649
Link: http://www.photography-in.berlin/galerie-jochen-hempel-nadja-bournonville-intercepted/


  • Coffee Table Books - Fotograf
  • Fototechnik-Self-Publishing-Student Projekt
  • Konzeptionell-künstlerische Fotobildbände 1
  • Konzeptionell-künstlerische Fotobildbände 2

Longlist Titles

Title: Fading Beauty
Bild: Dale Grant
Text: Jörn Jacob Rahwer
Design: Mathias Lempart
Publisher: Kerber Verlag
ISBN: 9783735605429

Title: Black Album
Bild and Text: Bernd Uhde
Design: Frieder Zimmermann
Publisher: seltmann+söhne
ISBN: 9783903101449

Title: Ort der Verheissung
Bild and Text: Jakob Schnetz
Design: Lois Lammerhuber
Publisher: Edition Lammerhuber
ISBN: 9783903101449
Title: Anja Niedringhaus - Pictureerkriegerin
Picture: Anja Niedringhaus
Text: Hannelore Fischer, Sonya Winterberg, Yury Winterberg
Publisher: Wienand Verlag
ISBN: 9783868325140

Title: Jean-Luc Mylayne - Herbst im Paradies
Picture: Jean-Luc Mylayne
Text: Jean-Luc Mylayne, Jacqueline Burckhardt, Christie Davis, Leo Lencsés
Gestaltung: Florence Inoue / Droit de regard
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
ISBN: 9783775745239

Title: Stuart Franklin - Analogies
Picture and Text: Stuart Franklin
Gestaltung: Julia Wagner, grafikanstalt
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
ISBN: 9783775745307

Title: Berlin Berlin - Die ganze Stadt zur Zeit des Mauerbaus 1961 - 1964
Picture: Bernard Larsson
Text: Marline Otte, Bernard Larsson, Wolf Biermann, Cees Nooteboom
Gestaltung: Bernard Larsson, Monica May-Vetter, Regine Kaiser
Publisher: Schirmer/Mosel
ISBN: 9783829608497

Title: Costa Rica Time Warp
Picture: Ludwig Thalheimer
Text: Maxi Obexer
Gestaltung: Hannes Wanderer
Publisher: Fotohof edition
ISBN: 9783902993724
Title: Der Hamburger Hafen um 1900 - Ein historischer Rundgang. Daguerreotypien von Franz Schmidt und Otto Kofahl
Picture: Franz Schmidt, Otto Kofahl
Text: Anonym (Original text around 1900)
Design: Gesine Krüger
Publisher: Dölling und Galitz Verlag
ISBN: 97838621812090

Title: Foodfotografie - Genus und Lifestyle in Szen setzen
Picture and Text: Maria Panzer
Design: Christine Netzker, Rheinwerk Verlag
Publisher: Rheinwerk Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 9783836266987
Title: Bärenmädchen - Bear Girls
Picture: Ute Behrend
Text: Barbara Hofmann - Johnson
Design: Florian v. Wissel
Publisher: BummBumm Books
ISBN: 9783948059002

Title: BILLARD - München in Fotografien der 80er Jahre
Picture: Harald Rumpf
Text: Dr. Karin Sagner, Andrian Kreye
Design: Barbara Kammerer
Publisher: Aporia Media Verlag Harald Rumpf
ISBN: 9783923155149

Title: Im Ruhrgebiet - Leben ohne Kohle
Picture and Text: Thomas Pflaum
Design: Thomas Pflaum
Publisher: Thomas Pflaum
ISBN: 9783000627491
Title: Die Anstalt
Picture and Text: Carsten Nichte
Design: Carsten Nichte

Title: Das Akkordeonbuch
Picture: Marlene Kagel, Manfred Kagel, Fabian Matalla
Text: Marlene Kagel
Design: Marlene Kagel

Title: fresh trash.
Picture: Wolf Peter Steinheisser, Moritz Metzger, Studierende d. Hochschule der Medien
Text: Studierende d. Hochschule der Medien
Design: Studierende d. Hochschule der Medien

Picture: Karsten Maatz
Text: Dr. Johannes Diesing
Design: Karsten Maatz
Title: Schaffende Hände - Vergessenes Kunsthandwerk aus Niederbayern und der Oberpfalz
Picture and Text: Lena Feldmeier
Design: Lena Feldmeier
Publisher: Cl. Attenkofersche Buch- and Kunstdruckerei KG
ISBN: 9783947029068

Title: Menschen wie du und ich
Picture: Sandra Bühler and Sandra Schmid
Text: Sandra Bühler
Design: Sandra Bühler and Sandra Schmid, crealicious.ch
Publisher: Stämpfli Verlag AG
ISBN: 9783727260070

Title: Zeitlang - Erkundungen im unbekannten Bayern
Picture: Sebastian Beck
Text: Hans Kratzer
Design: Philipp von Keisenberg
Publisher: Süddeutsche Zeitung Edition
ISBN: 9783864974892

Title: Till Brönner - Melting Polt
Picture: Till Brönner
Publisher: Wienand Verlag
ISBN: 9783868325386

Title: Fiction and Fabrication - Photography of Architecture after the Digital Turn
Picture: Doug Atiken, Wolfgang Tillmans, Andreas Gursky and others
Text: Pedro Gadanho, Gloria Moure, Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues
Design: Hannes Halder
Publisher: Hirmer Verlag
ISBN: 9783777432892

Title: True to the Eyes - The Howard and Carole Tanenbaum Photography Collection
Picture: u.a. Diane Arbus, Edward Burtynsky, Jim Goldberg
Text: u.a. Paul Roth, Gaëlle Morel
Design: Kelsey Blackwell with Meredith Holigroski, Studio Blackwell
Publisher: Hirmer Verlag
ISBN: 978777432038

Title: Here We Are Today - Das Picture der Welt in Foto- & Videokunst
Picture: u.a. Doug Aitken, Thomas Demand, Andreas Gursky
Design: BrücknerAping, Büro für Design, Bremen
Publisher: Hirmer Verlag
ISBN: 978377743281

Title: Egon Eiermann - Deutsche Olivetti. Frankfurt am Main
Picture: Klaus Kinold
Text: Wolfgang Pehnt
Design: Klaus Kinold, Dagmar Zacher
Publisher: Hirmer Verlag
ISBN: 9783777433127

Title: Adelie: Eismeer - Eisland - An Land und unter Wasser in der Antarkis
Picture: Vincent Munier, Laurent Ballesta
Text: Luc Jacquet
Design: Editions Kobalann
Publisher: von dem Knesbeck GmbH & Co Verlag KG
ISBN: 9783957282194

Title: Über Leben - 40 Jahre Cap Anamur
Picture: Jürgen Escher
Design: Thomas Berghaus, Jürgen Escher
Publisher: Edition Pictureperlen, ein Imprint der Kraterleuchten GmbH
ISBN: 9783965465008

Title: Good Morning Auroville - Die utopische Stadt der Morgendämmerung
Picture: David Klammer
Text: Dr. Tim Becker, Peter V. Birnkemper, Maddy Crowell, Jörg Heuer
Design: Björn Pollmeyer, David Klammer
Publisher: Edition Pictureperlen, ein Imprint der Kraterleuchten Gmbh
ISBN: 9783946328384

Title: Down There Where the Spirit Meets the Bone
Picture: Nihad Nino Pusija
Text: Matthias Reichelt
Design: Jürgen W. Lisken
Publisher: Lehmstedt Verlag
ISBN: 9783957970824

Title: Eric Mistler. Paris Buenos Aires
Picture: Eric Mistler
Text: Jean-Louis Buchet, Eric Mistler, Bruno Podalydès
Design: Maxime Ruiz, Paris
Publisher: Kerber Verlag
ISBN: 9783735606228

Title: Dominic Büttner - Dreamscapes
Picture: Dominik Büttner
Text: Elisabeth Bronfen and Nadine Olonetzky
Design: Studio HübnerBraun, Tina Braun and Michael Hübner
Publisher: Scheidegger & Spiess, Zürich
ISBN: 978385885989

Title: Tom Haller - Nuggets - American Landscapes
Picture: Tom Haller
Text: Christian Seiler
Design: Müller+Hess
Publisher: Scheidegger & Spiess, Zürich
ISBN: 9783858816023

Title: Fotografinnen an der Front - Von Lee Miller bis Anja Niedringhaus
Text: Anne-Marie Beckmann, Felicity Korn, Felix Krämer
Design: Petra Michel
Publisher: Prestel Verlag
ISBN: 9783791358635

Title: DDR Architektur
Picture: Hans Engels
Text: Frank Peter Jäger, Ben Kaden
Design: Hannah Feldmeier
Publisher: Pretsler Verlag
ISBN: 9783791385341

Title: DYE
Picture: Rudolf Strobl
Text: Tex Rubinowitz
Design: Rob van Hoesel
Publisher: Fotohof edition
ISBN: 9783902993694