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German at Home©Goethe-Institut Hongkong

German At Home

With the Goethe-Institut you can also learn German at home and discover Germany: We have put together exciting online learning opportunities for adults, teenagers and children to practice German in a fun and playful way, to learn interesting facts about life in Germany and about the German people.

Online German Exercises

 Deutsch Training Online © Goethe-Institut

NEU: Deutsch Training Online

Are you looking for a convenient way to improve your German that offers you more than an app? Then our new German Online Training is a perfect fit! Enjoy all the benefits of online learning – backed by the time-tested quality of the Goethe-Institut. 

24h Deutsch – Deutsch lernen mit Ida Photo: Kandismedia

Learn German with Ida

The Youtube Channel 24h Deutsch takes audiences on a journey to a typical day in Germany. Each episode features one hour in a day, and audiences are accompanied by Ida, a young German teacher.

German at work © Syda Productions / Shutterstock.com

German at work

Practice German for your job (levels A1-B2). In interviews and films you will learn more about everyday working life in Germany and be able to solve tasks related to different professional situations.

Our Street – German in everyday situations © Goethe-Institut

Our Street – German in everyday situations

Interactively explore a German road: German language learners can learn about everyday life in Germany in short videos and practice their language skills with exercises (level A1).

Radio D © Goethe-Institut

Radio D

Radio D is a stand-alone language course which can be used either in conjunction with a teacher or without. It is directed at beginners either with or without any previous German knowledge and with little knowledge of English. It covers Levels A1 and A2. 

DW: Deutsch zum Mitnehmen © DW

DW: German to Go

On the website of Deutsche Welle there are also many free German learning offers. There is something for every language level! 

Learn by playing

Lern Deutsch

City of Words

The app guides German language learners through a "city of words". In an interactive exchange with other players the learning app uses A1/A2 level vocabulary. The app can be downloaded for free.

Adventure German: A Mysterious Mission

Adventure German
A Mysterious Mission

An adventure game for advanced learners of German from level B1 The players solve an exciting criminal case set in a work environment.

Heiße Kartoffel © Goethe-Institut

Heisse Kartoffel

"Heiße Kartoffel" is a digital educational game, developed by the Goethe-Institut, for learners at A2 level to practice German vocabulary and grammar and test general knowledge about Germany.

Deutschtrainer A1 © Goethe-Institut

A1 Deutschtrainer

Deutschtrainer A1 App combines listening, reading and writing and helps you practice basic vocabulary. The app takes up familiar topics from course books and topics relevant to the German Exam A1 by the Goethe-Institut. It's available for free for iOS and Android.

Game: CO2 calculator: RETHINKING – LEARNING FROM NATURE	© Peffermind Games

CO2 calculator

When it comes to the environment, everyone’s involved. Bike or car? Camping holiday or long-haul flight?

Quiz: EITHER - OR: TEST YOUR ECO TYPE © Peffermind Games


Decide quickly: Here, children and young people, up from eight years old, can find out what ecotype they are.

Discover Germany

Das Deutschlandlabor © Goethe-Institut und Deutsche Welle

Das Deutschlandlabor

Deutschlandlabor investigates common prejudices and cliches about Germany and presents a lively picture of the country.

Mein Weg nach Deutschland Foto (Ausschnitt): © Flo Karr / Unsplash

Mein Weg nach Deutschland

On the website, migrants can find videos, language exercises (levels A1-B2) and practical information about Germany to help them settle in Germany.

Ticket nach Berlin © Goethe-Institut

Ticket to Berlin

The video series accompanies six young people, on their way to Berlin, on a journey across Germany. Split into two teams, they face exciting challenges and get to know German cities. German language learners will find exercises (level B1 and above) and material to download for each episode.

Bilder zur Ausstellung „Erfinderland Deutschland  - Baukasten Forschung“ © jim / fotolia.com

Land of Inventors

Pivotal German inventions from the natural sciences: Games, films, and an exhibition on historic discoveries and leading-edge innovations.

Meet the Germans

Meet the Germans

What determines whether something is typical? Maybe when nearly everyone says: “Yes, that’s exactly how it is!” With Meet the Germans we want to explore what’s typical of Germany and German society. We’ll introduce people in different walks of life and try and find out what lies behind various German habits.

Deutschland #nofilter © Omar Sotillo Franco/Unsplash, edited by Goethe-Institut

Deutschland #nofilter

What do I cook when the fridge is empty at the end of the month? How do I save the world on the side? And how do I survive my studies? This section offers tips, curiosities and funny stories about life in Germany.

German for young learners

Kinderuni ©Goethe-Institut

Digital Kinder University

Children from 8 to 12 years old can study at three different faculties of our children's university: Man, Nature and Technology. After free registration, they can use the interactive learning platform and learn German at the same time.

Quiz: AROUNDTHEWORLD © Peffermind Games


Children and young people from the age of eight can test their knowledge on nature and environmental topics around the world in this quiz.

Popcast © Goethe-Institut | Illustration: DOON 東

Popcast - Current Music from Germany

Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electro: Every month this podcast presents new music from Germany below the radar to adults and young people interested in music. Quality pop made in Germany, also available for download by subscription.