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Martin Kohlstedt

Martin Kohlstedt Click here to view larger image
Fotograf: Patrick Richter
Martin Kohlstedt, composer, pianist, electronic musician. In his multi-layered compositions and improvisations, he explores the relationship between music and space, in ever new modular variations and dynamic swirls of piano melodies and electronic landscapes.

Martin Kohlstedt studied media art at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and seeks to push the boundaries of classical music in the most diverse collaborations. He has collaborated with electro, hiphop and pop artists, regularly composes for international filmmakers and is involved in the production of radio plays and theatre pieces.

Among his most recent works is the sound project "Ströme", together with the renowned Gewandhaus Choir Leipzig, of up to 70 voices, and its artistic director Gregor Meyer.


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