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Buena Vista Social Club©Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club

Genre:  Documentary Film
Country: Germany/France/ UK/ USA
Director: Wim Wenders
Screenplay: Wim Wenders

Awards: Deutscher Filmpreis 2000 - Lola, Bester Dokumentarfilm

Germany/France/ UK/ USA │ 1999 │105 mins

Wenders longtime friend Ry Cooder often enthused to Wenders about his trip to Cu ba and the album "Buena Vista Social Club" he had recorded there with some old Cuban musicians, some of whom had fallen into oblivion. The next time Cooder travelled to Cuba, Wenders accompanie d him with a small film crew, observed the musicians in the studio and traced th eir lives in Havana and also shot the only concerts given by the "Buena Vista Social Club" in Amsterdam and in, their triumphal success in the legendary Carnegie Hall.

The documentary, a purely German production has become the most successful Germa n movie world wide in 1999. Buena Vista Social Club was sold to more than 50 ter ritories in the world. In the UK Buena Vista Social Club has now become the most successful documentary of all time. The film won numerous awards such as the Bo gey Award in Germany for more than 1000 admissions per release print, Best Documentary and Audiences Awards in many countries all over the world and the European Film Academy Award for Best Documentary 1999.

Source: German films Service & Marketing GmbH