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Wim Wenders Desperado© Studio Hamburg Enterprises

Wim Wenders, Desperado

Genre: documentary film
Country: Germany
Director: Eric Friedler, Campino
Screenplay: Eric Friedler 

Casts: Wim Wenders, Francis Ford Coppola, Willem Dafoe


Germany │ 2020 │ Colour │ 120 mins │ German with English subtitles

Wim Wenders is considered to be one of the pioneers of New German Cinema and is regarded internationally as one of the most important figures in contemporary cinema. Marking his 75th birthday, “Wim Wenders, Desperado” is an intimate meditation on the work of a visionary who captured the zeitgeist of his generation. The documentary provides an up-close, exceptional window into the artistic process and achievement of an incomparable filmmaker – an improvisator who approaches every shoot as a journey into the unknown. Featuring never-before-seen material and exclusive encounters with Wenders and contemporaries such as Francis Ford Coppola, Willem Dafoe, Patti Smith and Werner Herzog, the film allows for a unique glimpse into the life and work of an exceptional artist.