Interactive Webdok

    Wednesday, 07.09.2016, 19.00 -21.00
    Goethe-Institut Tokyo
    English (partly with translation into Japanese)
    Free entrance

    DADA-DATA is a digital project by Anita Hugi and David Dufresne, accompanied by a multitude of DADA_hacktions. The webdoc provides an introduction to the topic of DADA and DATA and thus creates a joint, interactive discovering. The activities range from tweet poetry, a DADA blog and a manifesto to a collection of various DADA works. The project was realized by the designers of the Akufen Studios, Bruno Chionère and Christian Lebel, and produced by SRG SSR and ARTE.

    Afterwards, under the direction of Thomas Preusse, a brief introduction to Dada Remix Manifesto begins. How to communicate with nonsense? DADA Remix Manifesto is a computer program which is a result of the Sesión Extraordinaria in Cabaret Voltaire organized by DADA-DATA in March 2016. The program creates videos with new and random contexts. Learn how to work and participate in an interactive live demonstration.


    Goethe-Institut Tokyo
    7-5-56 Akasaka, Minato-ku
    Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
    Hall of the German Cultural Center


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