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    From the series "Digital Transition"

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    Screening and Discussion
    25th September 2016
    Goethe-Institut Beijing

    With Christian von Borries, conductor, musician, composer, producer, film-maker and Wang Hui, Professor at the Tsinghua University Beijing, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Focus on Contemporary Chinese Literature.

    If we compare Apple and China, Apple is the world´s largest company and China is the country with the highest population in the world. “Let us imagine, Apple would be a state – would you prefer to live in Apple or rather in China?” That is the question berlin based musician and artist Christian von Borries had asked. On his video collage he tells of transnational high-tech capitalism and examines the parallels between modern states and global companies. Apple generates alone ten percent of its sales in China.

    Perhaps in the IPhones for Chinese the collections of quotations from Mao Tsetung have already been replaced. The soothing phantasy of the ideology-free digital world with its user-friendly interface seems to have become a global phenomenon. The reality behind the colored sreenshots seems till to belong to the 20th century: “high technology, low production cost.”

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