Excerpts from a polymorphic expedition
    Wenxin Zhang

    © Dustin Shum

    Excerpts from a polymorphic expedition // Wenxin Zhang

    Excerpts from a polymorphic expedition

    From Don Quixote to Easy Rider, the story of the surreal odyssey has become a recurring archetype of western storytelling. Now I am revisiting it from the perspective of a character who is stuck between the present and the obsolete, as well as the real and the simulated.

    In this fragmented web based journal, images seem to be captured from different dimensions, music is multi-layered, and the meaning of the language is diverged.

    This is an expedition that leads to unknown or forgotten paths.

    Music/Sound Design: Jing Yu
    Technical Support: Yijian Shen

    About the artist

    Wenxin Zhang (b. 1989, China) lives and works in United States and China. She received her MFA degree at California College of the Arts in 2013. As a visual artist/writer, her practice focuses on the relationship between the real and the virtual, as well as interdisciplinary art practice. Zhang creates multipart projects that unearth the complex layers of delusion and estrangement embedded within her non-linear imagery. Her work functions as a kind of literary device from which the viewer can reconstruct a fictional narrative.

    Zhang’s process often begins with her personal experience and carefully tends to metaphoric and marginalized stories so as to unveil larger questions about the suppressed.

    Wenxin Zhang is a recipient of Magnum Foundation Atlantic Philanthropies Grant. She was selected as a finalist in 2014 Three Shadows Photography Award as well as the 2014 Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award. She was also an artist in residence at Rayko Photo Center San Francisco, CPW Woodstock, Wassaic Residency and Thicket Residency.

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