Wikitopia 2016
    Surveillance and privacy in post-Snowden era

    A three-day mini festival of Goethe Institut Hongkong, in cooperation with videotage

    The main objective of Wikitopia 2016 is to raise the awareness of the perception of the public about the existing monitoring schemes and questions about privacy through a series of keynote speeches, discussions, city surveillance tours, workshops and films.


    Linus Neumann (Keynote)
    Hacker from Germany and spokesman for the Chaos Computer Club (CCC)

    Lasse Scherffig (Head of the workshop)
    Professor of Art and Technology at the San Francisco Art Institute. His work explores the relationship between man, machine and society

    Thomas Heidtmann and Marcel Schwittlick
    Artists of "Berlin Calling" in 2016. Both work at the ISEA and live in Berlin and explore new possibilities of modern technologies

    Martin Reiche ("Cultural R>evolution Juried Exhibition" at ISEA 2016)
    Media artists from Berlin, Germany

    Ulf Langheinrich: (Opening Performance at ISEA 2016)
    Co-founder of GRANULAR-SYNTHESIS duo

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