Dream phases

    Artists from Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo create a counterbalance to the rather “wordy” events during the first phase of the project, by presenting their series of photographic images specifically developed for this project. They offer an artistic platform on which we deliberate findings from the first project phase dealing with questions about legal regulatory frameworks for internet use and economic and social strategies developed to mitigate the implementation of the digital turn. The artistic works explore traces our digital lifestyle leaves behind, be it general waste or electronic detritus.

    The contributions of the artists revolve around the question of digital identities. This issue constitutes the core of the second project phase, which puts an emphasis on artistic practices. How life transitions into the web and what particular momentum it gains there, which feed-back loops it creates with real life on the basis of actual or preconceived pressures towards a permanent digital presence, is being investigated by the participating artists.

    The images series are commissioned by the Goethe Institutes.

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