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Conexión Humboldt | ГУМБОЛЬДТ-КОННЕКШН
“You have to go deep into the spirit of life in the rainforest”

 Foto: Adrian Quintero. Goethe-Institut Kolumbien

Abel Rodríguez, Bogotá

“As to the rainforest, the earth and the changing climate, one has to know exactly what the origin of all this is, so that one can then understand what happens afterwards. You really have to have a lot of knowledge, you have to go deep, into the spirit of life in the rainforest, into nature. This in turn must be connected with the sacred space, the spiritual space, the invisible. You have to understand what it is that events happening now in the world depend on. Humans have to get in contact with nature - no matter where they come from, which country they come from, what their background is. This is also the point where the art and science of the shamans lie. (...) As they themselves say: In order to deal with the world, one must have all the instruments. You have to know exactly why everything is there. And why things change. Why, for example, is the weather the way it is now? This is part of the shamans’ knowledge. They are carriers of a special knowledge”.


Abel Rodríguez  is an artist and wisdom keeper of the Nonuya, an indigenous community of the Amazon. He holds traditional knowledge of the medicinal plants and ecosystems of the Amazon basin. His work earned him the Prince Claus Prize and was shown at Documenta 14.

 Conexión Humboldt (english)