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“Perhaps we are in transition to another world that is more sustainable”

 Foto: Goethe-Institut Kolumbien

Brigitte Baptiste, Bogotá

“Humboldt observed how indigenous peoples deal with nature and how they deal with nature. We have already organised a lot in our countries, but perhaps we lack the spiritual dimension to develop an ethics towards nature. We lack this respect, this way of always behaving correctly towards nature. Leaders need to learn the same lesson too, how to live with resources and how to treat them respectfully. (...) I think we are at a crucial junction now where we have to make decisions about the life we want to lead and how we want to live on this earth. Alexander von Humboldt has made a great contribution to this. Perhaps we are coming to the end of a particular world and find ourselves in transition to another world that is more sustainable, more just, where we all find our place.“


Brigitte Baptiste is a biologist, transgender activist and expert on environmental and biodiversity issues in Colombia. She was Director of the Humboldt Institute for Biological Resources Research in Colombia for ten years and has been Director of the Universidad EAN in Bogotá since September 2019.

Conexión Humboldt (english)