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Conexión Humboldt | ГУМБОЛЬДТ-КОННЕКШН
“Humboldt would be outraged by the thawing of the permafrost”

 Foto: Ana Morosowa, Goethe-Institut Novosibirsk


Angelina Davydova, Nowosibirsk

 “Humboldt would definitely be addressing the consequences of climate change today. He would be very frustrated to witness these gigantic CO2 emissions caused by the thawing of the permafrost. He would probably deal with the problems related to the demand for oil and gas and the Russian economy depends very much on it. Scientists confirm that climate change is already happening everywhere in the Arctic regions. Many infrastructure objects are also potentially affected, such as residential buildings, traffic - everything is at risk from permafrost thawing.  The forest fires are also a very current issue in Russia. In summer 2010 Moscow was covered in smog for several weeks. This year the Siberian regions are affected - the extent of the forest fires this year in Siberia is indeed unprecedented. Russian scientists predict that there will be more and more of these forest fires. Weather conditions are changing, humidity conditions are changing, there are more droughts”. 

Angelina Davydova is an economist and environmental journalist and has been a Russian observer at the UN climate change negotiations since 2008. She is director of the Russian-German Office for Environmental Information and teaches journalism at the University of St. Petersburg.

 Conexión Humboldt (english)