The future of memory Región

Territories of memory and oblivion

"The Future of Memory" seeks to promote the contamination between artistic disciplines, the disruption of barriers in the way of thinking, as well as the crossing and putting in tension of official speeches in South America. This space aims to become a meeting place to weave relations between the questions and concerns that currently pose the artists of the region around memory and oblivion.


Hornero Migratorio © Hornero Migratorio

Hornero Migratorio visits Vila Autódromo

The Uruguayan collective Hornero Migratorio traveled to Rio de Janeiro to learn about the struggle of the inhabitants of Vila Autódromo. The result of this collaboration between cities and artists of "The Future of Memory" is the song "We dream".

Territorios desplazados © Cristián Muñoz/Goethe-Institut Chile

Displaced territories

Santiago de Chile was headquarters of “Displaced Territories,” a creation lab in the public space. This time, San Borja Park was used as a stage for the collective work of artists and curators coming from seven cities.