Digital Project is already online

On October 12 "The Future of Memory" launched a web page that seeks to create an alternative calendar in a collaborative way. What memories and experiences contribute to remember other stories?

Contracalendario © Goethe-Institut Colombia In visitors will find an invitation to contribute with one or more dates that offer a different approach regarding time: the 'counter-calendar' of the Goethe-Institut and "The Future of Memory" seeks to commemorate milestones and events that belong to the collective memory of South America and are different from traditional holidays.

This digital project arises from several questions posed by the Goethe-Institut together with Clara Ianni and Benjamin Seroussi (São Paulo's curators): If most holidays are the product of hegemonic narratives, what are the memories and experiences that we can evoke to build different stories? What milestones are important to build other stories? What events are important to invent other presents? What kind of date deserves to be remembered or forgotten?

This action is an open invitation for people, collectives, activists, artists, and researchers to contribute with one or more dates to be included in this collective counter-calendar. Just click on and add one or more events.The platform is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.