Betty Ruth Lozano
Road to the Sea

Betty Ruth Lozano © Archivo personal

Sociologist with a master's degree in Philosophy and a PhD in Latin American Cultural Studies. Committed to critical intellectual work, as well as social struggles in Colombia, especially those that fall within the scope of the search for justice for women of African descent. She has held a long-time interest in the issue of black women in the country, particularly in the Pacific. In 1992, Lozano began to articulate a vision of both gender and ethnicity focused on the experience of black women. This has been her main field of action, where she has developed a sophisticated interpretation of that experience, which weaves aspects of gender and ethnicity into subjects such as religion, reparations, social movements, and political transformations in general. Lozano is a teacher at a few private and public universities, where she has also held administrative positions. Lozano is an activist for a black, popular, and de-colonial feminism.